Are Accordion Doors Worth the Investment?

PINKYS Iron Doors Air 4 Bifold Doors for Kitchen Patio

Whether you're renovating your house or moving into a new place, you need to reinvigorate the interior to match it with your intended aesthetic. A fresh coat of paint may come to mind first, but what about installing a new door?

And not just any old door that swing in or out - accordion doors are an excellent versatile option that should slot right in there with your favorite room. Read on to discover their benefits and if they're the right fit for your property.

What Is an Accordion Door?

PINKYS Iron Doors Air 4 Bifold Doors for Kitchen Patio

Modern accordion doors (folding doors) are doors with multiple panels that move on tracks. You open this folding door by pushing or pulling the panels (usually with a handle) away from one edge or the middle of the track.

If it sounds like accordion doors are worlds apart from traditional models, that's because they are. Accordion doors have a slimmer profile and can fit in spaces ordinary doors just won't.

The Case for Buying vs. Not Buying an Accordion Folding Door

You couldn't be more excited about getting a new door. But hold your horses - you need to make an informed decision before you put an item into your shopping cart. Otherwise, your purchase would be risky.

Thankfully, there's not much to risk when buying accordion doors. There are a few disadvantages of these doors, but they're eclipsed by numerous advantages. Here's an in-depth overview of all the pros and cons:

Advantage of Accordion Door #1 - Extraordinary Appeal

Black Bi-fold accordion steel door for patio - PINKYS

Breathtaking. Bewitching. Spellbinding.

Whenever someone sees your doors, you want them to use those words. That's precisely what accordion doors deliver.

These contemporary solutions are available in pretty much any finish and texture, to transform the look of individual rooms. They work particularly well to create a modern, minimalistic aesthetic. Compared to conventional models, they feature a revamped look that helps you keep up with the latest trends.

For example, take a look at those high-end, roomy Southern California houses. Chances are, most of them have an accordion door in at least one room. Why not achieve the same breathtaking effect by installing an accordion folding door of your own?

Advantage of Accordion Door #2 - Light Galore

PINKYS lifestyle image bifold doors

Picture this: you come home from work dead on your feet, and you can't wait to get some downtime in your safe haven. But one thing can instantly ruin an otherwise soothing effect of your home - too much darkness.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happens with standard doors. They invite little-to-no sun rays, which is why you go for artificial illumination sources. And as we all know, faux light is nowhere near as beneficial as natural light.

PINKYS glass pane accordion doors let so much light in, you'll sometimes wonder if you even have a door there.

Advantage of Accordion Door #3 - Space Gains

PINKYS Bifold doors lifestyle image

When buying a door, you may go for the largest model available. After all, why risk bumping into a wall if you're tall?

But giant traditional doors aren't perfect. They require a huge surface area to swing properly, which might not be doable if you have a small house.

Accordion doors are a way out. They glide along the track to save a ton of space by eliminating the need to open the full doors inwards or outwards.

Plus, their efficient design lays the groundwork for numerous options to decorate the room. Want to buy a large flower pot and put it near the door? No problem - place the item wherever you want because it's less likely to be slammed by the door.

Advantage of Accordion Door #4 - They Look Amazing in Black

PINKYS Bifold doors lifestyle image

The color determines whether your doors will fit into the aesthetic and provide that unique "feel" to the room. Since the color is so important, you don't want to choose a nuance that jars with the rest of the decor. Black is the ideal solution, as it's incredibly versatile.

And guess what - accordion doors work look majestic in black. That especially rings true for PINKYS products. The main reason we provide our bi-folding doors in black is that we want to ensure the product matches your interior. The elegant frame encases stylish yet sturdy glass panels to accentuate their intrinsic beauty.

Best of all, the black frame allows you to add pretty much any other color to the area without tarnishing the visual effect. Looking for a sophisticated look? Simply place a white lamp or coffee table next to the door for a harmonious symphony of colors.

You can achieve an uplifting atmosphere just as easily. Whether you introduce yellow or red sofas or couches, they'll be kindred spirits with your black bi-folding door.

Advantage of Accordion Door #5 - Lowering Electricity Bills

PINKYS Bifold doors lifestyle image

It would be great if you could put a dent in your electricity bills. There might not be an app or computer program that lets you do so but don't throw in the towel just yet. Accordion doors can be your best friend in your struggle to lower your energy consumption.

How, you might ask?

It's easy - by inviting natural illumination to your house, these doors reduce your reliance on artificial sources. You'll no longer need to turn on your bulbs as often during the day, which can translate into considerable energy savings.

Advantage of Accordion Door #6 - Customizable Airflow

PINKYS Bifold doors lifestyle image

Did you know that accordion doors can have almost as many panels as you want? The only requirement is the wall space. In some cases, you can turn an entire wall into one huge door.

Here's what happens then - pop two or three (or all) panels open and let outdoor air surge inside. Within seconds, the place feels more pleasant and less stuffy.

And better airflow is key to keeping your home wholesome. It lessens the risk of mold caused by poor ventilation and reduces the need to fire up your AC as often. With outdoor air doing most of the work, you'll no longer need to rely heavily on various devices to achieve optimal temperatures.

Advantage of Accordion Door #7 - Versatility

PINKYS Bifold doors lifestyle image

You might want to buy a folding door entirely made of PVC and glass. Then again, you might want to impart a countryside flair to your classy interior and go for a wood product. Either way, you'll get a ton of versatility since the door can slide however you want.

For instance, you can tell your installer that you want the first panel to remain closed at all times. The rest of the door can slide freely, independently of the fixed section. This helps improve privacy and eliminates the need to move the entire unit when getting some fresh air.

In contrast, you can also install a proper folding door, where each panel can be opened and closed. It can fully move one way or the other, so you can get more illumination inside.

At the end of the day, the optimal solution depends on your needs. All that matters is that you can choose accordion doors in virtually any style to accommodate your living conditions better.

Advantage of Accordion Door #8 - Combining Indoors with Outdoors

PINKYS Bifold doors lifestyle image

Think about how you'll utilize your folding door. Do you only plan to pop it agape when ventilating the room to meet specific needs? If so, you're missing out on another incredible perk of this product.

Once you leave the door open, it blends the indoors with the outdoors. You can go outside for some fresh air without worrying about objects that may get in the way.

And you can maintain your hybrid setting for as long as necessary. If the temperature plummets, roll the doors closed to keep the place warm.

Advantage of Accordion Door #9 - Terrific Structural Integrity

PINKYS Air Lite steel bi-fold door with simple horizontal bars results in the perfect combination of classic and contemporary

In many people's eyes, accordion doors are less structurally sound than their traditional counterparts. People especially criticize PVC and wood products in this respect. Some avoid installing them altogether, thinking the panels will come off eventually due to intense use.

Luckily, the reality is completely the opposite.

Back in the day, there might have been some structural issues, but that's not the case any longer. Nowadays, even the most common glass product is reinforced. Enormous force is required to cause even the slightest scratch or chip, giving your peace of mind.

That's not all. Reliable brands also build their folding doors with internal beading. In other words, all the hardware is located inside the room. It makes breaking in much harder.

And as previously mentioned, it takes Herculean strength to compromise the structural integrity of these doors.

Advantage of Accordion Door #10 - Seamless Installation

PINKYS bifold install image

A homeowner who doesn't know how much hardware their doors need is like a ship without a sail. Who knows - the installation may take forever due to high hardware requirements. Before you know it, you might regret your decision to install the product in the first place.

Don't hit the panic button just yet - mounting folding doors is as simple as it gets. Most doors only require the following components:

  • mounting screws
  • pivot guide
  • bracket
  • spring-loaded stops

So, accordion doors can be installed in a heartbeat, especially if you find a reliable professional.

Advantage of Accordion Door #11 - Low Maintenance

PINKYS bifold iron doors

Door maintenance can sometimes be a pain in the neck. No matter how hard you try, stubborn stains just won't come off. Leaving them unchecked isn't an option, as they detract from an otherwise spick-and-span surface.

The good news is that cleaning isn't an issue with any folding door. Take panes with frosted glass as an example. It accumulates less dust and dirt than standard solutions. So, all it takes is a simple wipe-down to keep the door pristine.

Advantage of Accordion Door #12 - Available as Closet Doors


When you check out the offer of a folding door brand, you may have an idea of where you'll install the product. If you're like most people, you can already envision the unit opening to your porch. A gorgeous view of your backyard and your kids playing in their tree house. It hardly gets any better than that.

But that's not the only placement of these doors. You can also use them as expansive closet doors in virtually any room.

In fact, this might be an even better solution from a storage standpoint. These doors eliminate the need to sacrifice closet space, as they don't open inwards or outwards. Therefore, you can create any clothes arrangement that comes to mind and store more designer shoes in each room.

Advantage of Accordion Door #13 - Increased Home Value

PINKYS bifold track image

Not even in your wildest dreams can you imagine moving out of your house. But what if your family grows, and you need to relocate to a bigger place? In that case, you want to get a great price for your property, so you have more options when buying a new one.

Selling a place is all about increasing the value of the property beforehand. One of the best ways to do so is to mount accordion doors. The new owner can reap a number of benefits from their doors, be they wood or PVC products:

  • Divide the room into two areas without building a wall
  • Create an otherworldly ambiance by inviting natural lighting
  • Save a lot of space otherwise wasted on common doors
  • Help keep energy bills in check
  • Add color and design variety to the area

All of which play to your advantage. If you remind prospective buyers of all the perks, they'll be more likely to accept your offer. After all, who wouldn't want to live in a space with such a luxurious addition?

Disadvantage of Accordion Door #1 - Potential Water Damage Problems

Since accordion doors glide on tracks, there's no need for thresholds. The lack of this element further speeds up the installation, but it can also trigger water damage concerns.

For example, suppose you live in a California town that's prone to heavy rain. It causes many drainage issues to your Golden Bear State property that may not stop in the backyard. If there's a slope where your doors are installed, water can seep into the house because there isn't a threshold.

Once inside, moisture can wreak havoc on the surrounding area. It can affect the rest of the door, dampen carpets, and warp wooden floors.

Still, it's not the end of the world. A lack of thresholds isn't an issue if you have efficient drainage solutions, such as sump pumps. Furthermore, you won't have water damage problems if the landscaped is sloped in such a way that it leads moisture away from your home.

Disadvantage of Accordion Door #2 - Misalignment Risks

The fact that you should hire a licensed and experienced installer is a no-brainer. But mistakes happen, even to the best of them.

When it comes to PVC and wooden accordion doors, one of the most common mistakes is misalignment. The contractor may not secure the unit adequately. Consequently, it may not slide across as smoothly, which can cause some parts to rub against each other. The greater the friction, the lower the lifespan of your doors.

Hence, don't take a gamble with DIY projects or disreputable technicians. Even if you need to break the bank for your installation, it's much better than having to replace your door just a few months down the line.

Disadvantage of Accordion Door #3 - Uneven Stacking

Uneven stacking is another potential mounting mistake. Namely, faulty installation can make some panels stack too much inside or outside the house. The excess stacking can take up a lot of space, neutralizing one of the biggest advantages of these doors.

Disadvantage of Accordion Door #4 - Privacy Issues

Although some accordion doors can enhance privacy, few products have this characteristic. Take accordion doors with glass panels as an example. Unless they act as a two-way mirror, they allow the outside world to take a peek at the inside of your house.

This may not be a problem if you mount your unit in the back of the property, but doing so in front of the house may require some tweaks. For example, consider putting up a hedge wall in the driveway or right next to the sidewalk. It'll keep prying eyes away from your home.

When mounting hedge walls, make sure they're at an appropriate distance from the accordion doors. Otherwise, they may block some of the sunlight from reaching the interior.

In the End, Modern Accordion Doors Are a Sublime Investment

PINKYS Bifold dining room lifestyle

No luxury interior space is complete without an accordion door. Choose PINKYS accordion doors, and you'll get a long-lasting investment that will breathe new life into your property.

What makes us perfect as your accordion door supplier is our experience. We understand what it takes to roll out superb products. Each product boasts top-shelf craftsmanship and construction. There are also distinct patterns and textures to help elevate any interior.

But don't take our word for it - visit our shop today if you're ready to make your purchase. We can customize the size, look, or the glass in your doors. You can also contact our representatives for a quote on your custom look.

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