Are Iron and Steel Doors Good for Commercial Front Doors?

When we talk about commercial doors, we're referring to those intended for use in offices and stores. But what makes a commercial door different from a regular one?

Commercial doors need to be secure, which is a given. However, these doors must also be designed for beauty and ultimate visual appeal. The reason is simple: the door serves as the face of your business. That's why the goal is to make the door maximally presentable while not sacrificing security. This will require specialized hardware.

Looking for commercial doors to fulfill essential functions starts with the material, and iron and steel products will fit the bill every time. When your commercial door comes from PINKYS, there'll be no question whether you've made the right choice. We take pride in providing the highest quality products and giving you a design variety to satisfy all possible needs. We'll delve deeper into why PINKYS steel and iron doors are the ideal choice. But first, let's explore the subject in more depth and see why a steel or iron door provides the ultimate performance in commercial uses.

Different Door Panel Types for Commercial Doors

Wood is often the go-to material of choice for commercial doors. For many businesses, the initial visual appeal of Douglas fir, mahogany, or pine panels seems irresistible. But if we look at the material closer, the situation doesn't seem as ideal. In fact, wood has shown it has relatively little to offer compared to other materials despite being considered a standard.

Doors made of wood may be more prone to deterioration, especially with intense use. For instance, without a proper kick plate, a wooden door will start showing signs of wear and tear relatively quickly. Such doors will boast a pleasant exterior look when installed, but the appeal will often be short-lived. Wooden doors falling apart after a few years of heavy use isn't unheard of, and most products will show severe signs of damage if they suffer plenty of abuse.

It's also worth mentioning that wood represented a standard due to its historical use. The material has always been widely available, so it's no wonder it represented the preferred choice for commercial uses, too.

However, if you're looking for products that add exceptional durability to great looks, iron would be the recommended option. Steel and iron doors can endure plenty of abuse while remaining firm on their hinges. And when such doors come from a company as dedicated to quality as PINKYS, you can be confident that their beauty will be accompanied by a flawless performance.

PINKYS Commercial Door Solutions

PINKYS specializes in high-quality home and commercial products. These are ready to be assembled as part of any project and give a unique touch of breathtaking beauty and functionality. The secret behind PINKYS doors and windows lies in applying the highest industry standard on every door while being able to offer numerous customization options. As a result, our doors can fit a variety of intended purposes while staying true to our vision and ideals.

Our door design relies on premium components, including iron and steel hardware, glass plates, hinges, rails, and grilles. Each product is ready to provide exceptional performance right after installation. In the long term, our doors will maintain security features and beauty for decades, provided proper maintenance. Furthermore, PINKYS has single and double-door configurations for home and commercial purposes. These can be supplied in custom sizes, adjusting their height and widths to specific project specifications.

AIR Single Doors

As PINKYS' flagship product, AIR doors feature a design that showcases the company's core values.

What does this mean?

AIR doors give every home and commercial space an abundance of light, open air, and freedom from all sides. When it comes to single doors, you can choose between AIR 4, 5, 7, and Dutch product lines.

AIR 4 and 5 doors consist of slim frames that leave plenty of room for glass surfaces. As a result, these doors create an open feel while relying on sturdy iron or steel hardware for stability and resilience. AIR 7 doors feature extended lower metal panels that can function as kick plates. Other than that, this model is quite similar to AIR 4 and 5.

Lastly, AIR Dutch has a solid lower portion and a glass-designed upper portion that can open independently. All of the mentioned single doors from the AIR series come in flat and arched variants and may be made of steel or iron. AIR 4, 5, and Dutch also have standard design options and those with sidelights on both sides. Out of these, all can be with flat or arched tops except for Dutch, which offers single doors with sidelights only in the flat variant.

AIR Double Door Design

When it comes to double-door design, PINKYS also has AIR 4, 5, 7, and Dutch models on offer. These models are very much like the single door options in terms of frames and panels. It's worth noting that every double door from the AIR series can come with a flat or arched top and with optional sidelights. The AIR 7 models are an exception, since their variant with sidelights only has a flat top.

Like single doors, AIR double doors can be made of steel or iron.

Getty Commercial Door Types

Getty is another high-quality product line from PINKYS intended to provide an alternative to AIR products. The primary difference between Getty and AIR is that the former features a more closed-off design. Getty doors don't have the expansive glass surfaces that are a hallmark of the AIR series. However, this may make them the recommended option for certain commercial purposes. In particular, business premises that see plenty of traffic or require extra privacy may benefit from the extended metal plates instead of glass.


Getty doors come in limited configurations compared to AIR. There are single and double doors with flat and arched tops. The single-door variant also includes a full-arch option. However, no Getty model comes with sidelights.

Choose Your Tempered Glass Type

Since PINKYS doors usually include large glass surfaces, it's only natural that the glass itself follows a very high standard. The plates are made of tempered glass that provides perfect performance in terms of safety, durability, and aesthetics.

Although all glass included in our doors is of the same quality, specific types will differ, based on the level of privacy they provide. Some will give full visibility, others will let an outside viewer discern some details, while some glass types will obscure the view inside completely. Clad in iron or steel, these glass panels will prove extremely secure, making them suitable for commercial purposes.


Low-E glass is the standard in every PINKYS product. This glass type isn't meant for privacy and will not hinder the view from the interior or exterior. Still, it is tempered glass, so it will have the desired protective features.

Although it doesn't fall behind in quality, Low-E glass might not be the recommended choice for all commercial doors. In particular, offices might need a product that provides more privacy. In those situations,  other configurations may prove more helpful.


Unlike Low-E, Frost/Sandblast glass represents one of the best privacy solutions PINKYS has to offer. Its top coat doesn't allow much visibility, but the glass still lets in plenty of light. Doors equipped with Frost/Sandblast create a pleasant atmosphere indoors while looking discrete and elegant on the exterior. This makes the glass type excellent for commercial spaces and suitable for doors and windows alike.

Flemish Glass

Flemish glass offers a balance of privacy and transparency that's great for every commercial area with plenty of visitors. Due to their top coat, these configurations will partially block the view. But once the visitor gets close to the doors or windows, details will become easier to discern. In terms of exterior view, this means that passersby on the street won't be able to see inside, while those approaching the door will.

Flemish design creates an air of style and will look great from both sides of the door. However, it's worth noting that the exterior view won't be too limited, which is why this glass type, like Low-E isn't recommended for most businesses.

Rain Glass

With top coat texturing and etched creases, Rain glass represents one of the most aesthetically pleasing commercial solutions. In exchange, objects on the other side of the door remain relatively visible, apart from exact features. Doors and windows with Rain glass are meant to create a powerful impression, not to obscure the view. For that reason, they're better for interior rather than exterior use.


Doors with Aquatex glass feature divots that make them look very elegant and intriguing. They allow light to pass through while partially blurring the image on the other side. Due to its design style, this variant might be a bit too much for exterior doors but will represent a great match for interior office doors.

Visibility will depend on the level of light. Under bright lights, people on the outside won’t have a challenge discerning objects through the door, especially from close up. However, if the light is dimmer and the viewer is a bit further away, Aquatex will prevent them from seeing anything more than movement.

Ribbed Glass

Ribbed glass is the ultimate choice for interior and exterior commercial spaces. It boasts great looks in addition to near-complete privacy, making this type of glass an excellent all-round solution. By dissipating light, the ribbed variant doesn't allow anyone to see through it clearly. Only rough shapes will be discernible, regardless of the direction.

Getting the Right Mortise Lock

Once you settle on the door model and glass type, it will be time to make another essential decision: which lock to install. PINKYS doors don't come with locks included, so you’ll have a choice, and your selection won't be limited. A standard mortise lock will be the recommended solution. If you aren't familiar with this term, let's explain mortise locks first.

A mortise lock gets its name from the way it fits into the door. The lock is inserted into a mortise, making it an integral part of the door without increasing its dimensions. This type of lock is the primary choice for exterior doors, although some interior doors may be equipped with a mortise lock, too.

PINKYS has a curated product selection of locks that represent a perfect match for steel and iron commercial doors. Some locks will fit all models, while others will be suitable only for specific designs. Let's look at the available models.


PINKYS locks come both in lever and knob variants. They can also be brass or black, accommodating different looks and styles. These locks have a sleek rectangular shape with elegant levers or knobs, a keyhole on one side, and a bolt on the other side.

When it comes to compatibility, the knob variants will be suitable for all PINKYS door types. However, you can install PINKYS lever lock only on certain door models from the AIR and Getty series. In particular, these locks will match AIR 4, 5, and Lite door types, as well as Getty models. Lever locks from this series won't be compatible with any Dutch door.

Messa Locks

The Messa series has two available models: Passage and Privacy. Both are knob models with a discreet square base, and both come in black. In terms of compatibility, the ideal door type will correspond with the name of the particular Messa model. Thus, Passage knobs will be most useful for passage doors. These knobs don't have a locking mechanism and are meant for any interior door that is used frequently throughout the day. Privacy locks can be locked only from the interior side, through push button action. The exterior side can't be used to lock or unlock the door.

AIR Deadbolt

AIR Deadbolt is a locking mechanism without a door handle. It's suitable for all PINKYS doors and features a keyhole on one side and a bolt on the other, both on a tastefully crafted black square base.


Emtek is a keyset similar to AIR Deadbolt. The difference is that Emtek also features knobs on both sides. The keyhole and bolt are built into the knobs.


Xantis is recommended for use with thermally broken doors. It's a rectangular lock similar to PINKYS models and will match every suitable door model.


Wiltshire is an elegant design in a traditional style. It has a sloped handle with a keyhole on one side and a knob with a bolt on the other. Wiltshire is compatible with all PINKYS doors except AIR 4 and 5.


Stonebriar resembles a variant of Wiltshire. The main difference here is that the handle extends below the lock body, with its lower part attaching directly to the door. Like Wiltshire, Stonebriar fits on every door model, excluding AIR 4 and 5.


Castletown represents a further variation on the Wiltshire model. It's quite similar to Stonebriar in appearance but has separate sections with a handle/knob and lock/bolt.

Wexford and Durham

Lacking any locking mechanism, Wexford and Durham are knob designs that can go on any PINKYS doors. Obviously, the lack of locking functionality makes them a poor choice for exterior doors.

Find the Ideal Commercial Door Variant with PINKYS

Whether you need interior or exterior commercial doors, PINKYS has the design for you. Our doors are expertly made and come in custom sizes, making them perfect for standard and non-standard openings and spaces. Check out our selection and you'll be sure to find the ideal steel or iron commercial door for your business space.

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