Best Wrought Iron Doors in Santa Fe - The Ideal PINKYS Style Choices

The Santa Fe style has evolved dramatically over the years.

At its core, the style has a Mediterranean flavor, known as "Pueblo-Spanish Revival" in architectural circles. It also draws from the designs of the Pueblo Native Americans of the region, creating a look that's so Santa Fe and utterly removed from what you might consider "traditional" American architecture.

All of which leads us to a question:

How could a custom iron door possibly fit into this style?

With the right choice, a wrought iron entry door doesn't just fit into the Santa Fe style. It actively enhances it - combining iron products with gorgeous stonework - to create a look that emphasizes beauty above all else.

To explain how, let's look at why PINKYS iron doors are ideal for injecting some modern flavor into your Santa Fe home.

Why Choose Custom Iron Doors for Your Santa Fey Home Style?

PINKYS Air 4 single steel dutch door that can be used for entry doors, patio and french doors, back or side steel doors, and even as steel room dividers.

It's a natural question to ask because iron isn't the first material that you think of when you imagine a front door in Santa Fe. Wood is the more common choice - emphasizing the Mediterranean feel - but there are many reasons to install an iron door as long as it comes from the right supplier.

Decorative Iron Doors Offer Amazing Curb Appeal

The fact that iron doors are so different from what you'll usually find in Santa Fe is one of their strongest advantages - they deliver an amazing first impression when stacked against a sea of similar front doors.

With iron, you have customization options. Perhaps you'll meld classical British style - with intricate scrollwork - with your home's stone design to create a remarkable contrast that looks both elegant and luxurious. Or, maybe you'll go down the modernistic route, with iron used to create sleek black lines that border windows allowing light to stream into your house.

There are so many choices.

And most importantly - for your own style and your home's market value - these choices create an amazing first impression because they lend your Santa Fe home a unique aesthetic.

An Iron Door Can Be Contemporary as Well as Strong

What are the words that come to mind when you think of an iron door?

"Security," perhaps, given the strength or iron. Maybe "durable" or safety" for the same reasons. All of these things are true of iron doors, but they also lead to a common misconception that all of these types of doors are big, bulky, and not in keeping with the Santa Fe style.

That's not the case at all.

When used sparingly - as in many PINKYS doors - iron can achieve a contemporary aesthetic that melds clear glass with sleek black lines. The result is doors that mesh perfectly with the rustic charm of your home without taking up so much space or being so heavy that they feel cumbersome when set against the stonework.

Your Wrought Iron Door Requires Minimal Maintenance

While wooden doors are fine from a functionality standpoint, they come with one major disadvantage that you won't find in iron doors:

The need for constant maintenance.

Take paint, for instance. It's going to start peeling and chipping when exposed to the sandy air of Santa Fe, meaning you're going to be standing outside with your paintbrush every couple of years to give the door a touch-up. And while rain is a minimal issue in Santa Fe - the city only gets 14 inches per year - snow and frost are surprising challenges. Santa Fe gets more than double the amount of snow annually than it gets rain, and it has a frosty season that lasts between October and April.

All of that can wreak havoc on a wooden door - warping and rotting could force replacements in no time.

Now, that's not to say that iron doors are immune to their weather effects. But when properly treated, you don't have to worry about rust or repainting to anywhere near the degree you would with a wooden door. That means less time spent retouching - or less money replacing - old doors that seem like they're falling apart.

Custom Wrought Iron Doors Are Energy Efficient

Santa Fe's elevation is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to the weather. On the plus side, it leads to fairly consistent seasons with warm - though not roasting - summers and fairly cold winters. On the negative side, those cold winters, along with the frosty season we mentioned earlier, could lead to extremely high heating bills if you want to keep your home feeling comfortable.

That's especially the case if you have a front door that acts as a thermal bridge to the cold weather outside.

Typically, an iron door would act as this bridge due to iron being a conductor that sucks up heat from indoors and transfers it outside. But PINKYS doors are different for two reasons:

Thermal breaking and Low-E glass.

All PINKYS iron doors are built using thermal breaking technology, which essentially involves inserting a layer of insulation between two layers of iron to break the bridge to the outside. Combine that with Low-E glass - which can reduce energy loss through windows by between 30% and 50% - and your iron doors can become energy-efficiency powerhouses.

Add a Dash of Luxury to Your New Mexico Home

Metal doors have always had a stronger air of luxury around them than their wooden cousins.

Modern stylish glass and steel double exterior doors

Take steel French doors as an example - their gorgeous design and sliding mechanism suggest that a home is anything but standard. The same applies to iron French doors, as well as any other sort of iron door.


Part of it comes down to customization options - whether you go classical or contemporary - as they allow the homeowner to inject some of their personality into their property's aesthetic. But the real reason is that people know that iron doors are more elegant than wooden ones. They display greater craftsmanship and care, especially when incorporating scrollwork, which gives them a natural, luxurious vibe.

The Best Iron Doors PINKYS Offers in Santa Fe

By now, you understand how the right iron door can match your Santa Fe style while still offering the durability you need to relax, safe in the knowledge that you're not going to lose days every few years to maintenance.

But still, you can't quite shake the thought of iron doors being bulky out of your head, which is why PINKYS presents three doors - all built based on a contemporary vision - that we think are the best iron-wrought door styles in Santa Fe.

Air 4 Entry Doors With Sidelights - An Entry Door for the Light Lover

Light, glorious light.

That's what you get with the Air 4 doors with sidelights, which combine PINKYS' contemporary air design with a pair of side windows to allow more light to stream into your entryway. Let's say it upfront:

These doors can't accommodate small entrances.

Rather, they are built for large frontages - capable of hosting at least a double door - and can transform what may have been a shady entryway into something spectacular.

Air 5 Double Arch - 21st Century Santa Fe Style

In some, though not all, cases, the Mediterranean influences on the Santa Fe style manifest as arched entrances to properties.

A flat door doesn't sit well against an arched entryway.

It looks out of place, with the curves of the arch contrasting with the straight lines of the door in such a way that it creates a clash. Enter the Air 5 Double Arch - an arched iron door designed to fit the classic-style Mediterranean entryway while still breathing modernistic life into your home, thanks to its heavy use of glass.

Lifstyle shot of PINKYS Air Lite Flat Pivot Black Steel Door

Air 4 Bifold - Similar to Steel Sliding Doors With a Twist

We talked earlier about how sliding doors can give a modern - and even luxurious feel - to a Santa Fe home.

But what about sliding doors with a twist?

That's what you get with the Air 4 Bi-Folds, which use a folding effect, almost like an accordion, to open up space in the same way as sliding doors without requiring you to build doors that cross over one another. And, as is the case with all PINKYS Air doors, they make strong use of black lines and glass to create a contemporary look.

Find Iron and Steel Doors at PINKYS

There's only one thing left to do after discovering that an iron door from PINKYS could be the perfect fit for your Santa Fe home:

Contact us today!

We are available via phone - just call (844) 843-6677 - or email if you have any questions about our iron doors. If you're willing to travel to California, you can even visit our showroom. It's located on S Santa Fe Avenue - a little touch of synergy that tells us that you and PINKYS are a match made in heaven if ever there was one.


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