Iron Doors Inspiration - The Best Types of Iron Doors for Austin, Texas


As you stand outside your Austin home contemplating what to do next to make your entryway more attractive, that's the only word that comes to mind. You want something that mixes modern design aesthetics - such as straight lines and plenty of light - with the "down-home" feeling that's perfect for Texas.

You can't find that from a wood door anymore. And even if you could, the amount of maintenance required to keep a wooden door looking good is more than you're willing to do. You want something that combines durability with style - serving as a great investment in the process - to match the overall design aesthetic of your home.

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We design the best iron doors you can find in Austin, with the five in this article serving as the perfect inspiration for what you can do next with your home's exterior.

Why Choose an Iron Door for Texas in the First Place?

That's a good question, especially for somebody living in Austin.

After all, don't iron doors tend to be these huge weighty things that would look completely out of place either on or in your home?

Not necessarily - those huge doors you envision exist, but they're not what you'd find when you shop with PINKYS for your iron front doors. Instead, you'll find contemporary designs - combining sleek black lines with plenty of glass - that transform your idea of what an iron door design can be.

Still not convinced?

Here are a few reasons why Austinite homeowners should consider an iron door.

Wrought Iron Doors Deliver a Style Statement

Many homeowners want to escape one thing when creating their property's style:

The same old, same old.

That means wooden doors - which you'll find in the entrance of almost any Austin home - that keep your building secure but don't really give it many style points. Your doorway just ends up looking standard, with nothing to break the monotony you might feel when you compare your home to anybody else's.

With iron, you get style.

A style that's been able to withstand the test of time - both due to its durability and beauty - and that can be tweaked to suit your aesthetic preferences. No matter whether you love the classical look or want a door that takes a modern approach, you can find it when you go down the iron route.

A Wrought Iron Door Improves Curb Appeal

Let's talk about first impressions.

They are everything to potential homebuyers when they're visiting a property. Or, at least, they are to 76% of people who claim that the first sight they get of a house is enough to massively influence their purchasing decision. Don't think you've escaped the importance of that first impression if you only list your house online, either - 66% say that first glance is "vital" when choosing which homes to view.

Now, imagine that you're selling your home - or even your business property - and the first thing that a potential buyer sees is a frontage containing a door that looks just like every other door. At best, the first impression you'll receive is "meh," as there's nothing standing out to the buyer.

Modern stylish glass and steel double exterior doors

But with an iron door, you create an exterior aesthetic that's filled with vitality, as well as a door that you can tailor to the specific architectural lines of your building.

Speaking of tailoring...

Your Custom Iron Doors Keep the Heat at Bay

Custom doors will always come out on top when they're compared to the various other options that essentially come off the shelf after exiting a production line. But in the case of iron and Austin, you have a major - and valid - concern:

Iron is a conductive material.

That means it essentially absorbs warm air before transmitting it to wherever the air is coldest in a process called "heat transfer." In many states, that would mean a nightmare for homeowners trying to keep their heating bills down, as their iron doors would essentially suck heat from inside and transfer it out.

In Austin, you'll often face the opposite problem - the hot air from outside would be transferred into your home, forcing you to keep the air conditioning on full blast.

All of this may sound like a reason to steer clear of iron. And it would be, were it not for something that PINKYS builds into every custom iron door it produces. That something is a "thermal break," which is essentially a layer of insulative material that sits between two layers of iron, stopping the heat transfer process in its tracks.

The result is iron doors - both for your home's exterior and interior - that help you regulate internal temperatures and reduce your home cooling bills.

Iron Door Styles - The Contemporary Iron Doors PINKYS Offers in Austin

There are many more reasons to consider an iron door for your Austin property, with your home's security - bolstered by iron - and ease of installation being the most beneficial for choosing iron.

But let's face it - a good choice in most homeowner's eyes comes down to how well the door can complete their property's look and accommodate its architectural flair. With that in mind, we present five PINKYS doors, each with its own appeal, that could be perfect fits for your Austin home.

The Air 4 Double Flat - Gorgeous Iron Entry Doors

Bold black lines surrounding large panes of class - that's the hallmark of the Air series.

With the Air 4 Double Flat doors, you get a sleek and contemporary style that meshes well with most types of property. But more important than that, you get the opposite of what many think of when they imagine an iron door. The Air 4's aren't big and bulky. They're light. Breezy. And building on PINKYS love of California and the beautiful vistas that inspire its designs, these doors allow a huge amount of light into your entryway.

By the way, PINKYS also offers Air 4 doors in arched designs - perfect for the Mediterranean look.

The Air 5 Single Flat - A Contemporary Iron Door

Beyond being a single door - ideal for smaller entryways - the Air 5 is an evolution of the Air 4 design. The key difference is that it features more, though smaller, panes of glass. The clear and contemporary black lines seen in the Air 4 are still present.

There are just a few more of them, making the Air 5 a great choice for those who love geometric patterns.

The Beverly Double Flat - Custom Wrought Iron With a Classical Flavor

Double entryway doors with a thick steel and iron frame, two large windows behind an intricate iron pattern, and a curved kickplate. Doors are thermally broken to protect from extreme weather.

Where the Air series focuses on modernity, the Beverly series is all about combining contemporary touches with the classical style many imagine when they think of the words "iron door." Stunning scrollwork adorns the huge glass panes built into these doors, delivering an aesthetic that stops short of being imposing and instead feels inspirational.

Air 4 Pivot Doors - Swing in Style

Swinging right back from classical to contemporary, we return to the Air 4 range and PINKYS' pivot doors.

A pivot door looks and feels different from any other type of door for a simple reason - its hinges are installed on the top and bottom of the door's frame rather than the side. The result is a door that's perfect for the modern look, especially if large panes of glass allowing plenty of light into your home is your thing.

Air 5 Dutch Doors - European Iron Doors With an American Influence

Don't let their barnyard inspiration fool you - the Air 5 Dutch doors are as modern as they come, though they still infuse a slight rustic charm into your property.

These interesting doors split in half horizontally - allowing you to open the top while keeping the bottom closed or vice-versa - making them fun choices for your home's interior. And, as is typical of the Air range, they let plenty of light into a room thanks to their large glass panes.

PINKYS - Why Choose Us for Your Iron and Steel Doors in Austin

Hopefully, we've given you some iron doors inspiration - as well as dispelling a few myths - that could lead you in the direction of a new door for your Austin home. Your next step is simple:

Give PINKYS a call at (844) 843-6677 or email us at to ask about any of the doors you see in this article or book some time at our showroom.

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