Black vs. White Patio Doors: What's the Right Pick for My Home?


Why Are Black French Doors the Perfect Choice for Your Home?

A stunning set of French doors can make the perfect addition to your patio. The windows let natural light stream into your room. Plus, you get a fantastic garden view from your kitchen or living room.

At PINKYS, we offer several options if you want to get some French doors for your next home project. Here we explore this type of door and what it offers to your home before digging into the PINKYS range.

What Are French Doors?

French doors are large models that make heavy use of glass. They usually have windows stretching from top to bottom or are compartmentalized with frames. Either way, the doors let plenty of light into rooms, making them popular choices for people who want new patio doors.

Most people think of French doors as paired, which you'll often see when using this design for sliding patio doors. However, it's possible to get single French doors, which can complement a room with a light and airy aesthetic or offer a view into rooms you need to see from the outside, such as a pantry.

Why Are French Doors Amazing?

French doors do more than offer access to a room. They offer a unique style that combines traditional and modern aesthetics well. Here are a few reasons why the PINKYS team loves French doors.

Let There Be Light

If getting more light into a room is your priority, French doors are ideal because of their large windows. As an added bonus, bringing more light into a room opens up the space, making the room appear bigger than it really is.

Flexible Operation

If you want your French doors to open inwards, you have that option. The same goes if you want doors that open outward. You can even get sliding French doors, which are ideal for your patio. No matter how you want the doors to work, you'll find something that fits your space.

The Look

Whether you're looking for something that complements a room with traditional decor or you want doors with a modern aesthetic, you can end your search with French doors.

These doors have character, which sets them apart instantly from other types of doors. And with the tough iron frames PINKYS uses to support the glass in your doors, you'll find they're as sturdy as they are attractive.

White French Doors vs. Black French Doors - Which Should You Choose?

White and black couldn't be further from each other on the color spectrum. They're polar opposites that give a very different look to your room. When choosing your French patio doors for your home project, figuring out which of these colors works best for your home is critical.

So, we'll help you make your decision by highlighting some key considerations.

Your Home's Exterior Color

With French doors, it all comes down to the trim. After all, the doors are primarily made using glass, with the trim color being the thing you need to consider.

That color should align with the outside of your home. For example, white French doors instantly clash if you have black window frames. Black French doors mesh much better with the darker aesthetic outside your home. Of course, black French doors installed into a home that has a lighter and airier exterior create the same style clash.

Your Home's Interior Design

Imagine opening your white French doors, stepping through the opening, and seeing a room with dark decor.

It's a complete contrast in styles. And while contrast can be a good thing for home decoration, an object as big as a door frame stands out in a bad way when it clashes with the rest of the room.

Take stock of your interior style when choosing the color of your French door. In a perfect world, your home's exterior and interior color schemes will match, or at least be similar, which makes your choice easy. If that isn't the case, you have a more challenging choice.

Drama vs. Light

Black French doors bring drama to a room. They give the illusion that the room has higher ceilings than it really has. Plus, they draw the eye rather than fading into the background.

That's not to say that white French doors are boring. They offer a lighter and airier style that may work well with the streams of natural light flooding into your room.

The Styles of French Doors

Many people assume that French doors come in pairs.

That is only sometimes the case. While certainly the most common configuration, paired French doors are just one of the several styles of black French doors that we offer at PINKYS.


Bi-fold doors feature several panels that fold like an accordion as you slide the door open. They're great for opening up a space, with the folding design meaning the frame is as unobtrusive as possible.

Double French Doors

The classic double-door style is what most people think of when they imagine French doors. The doors have a prominent space for the door's hardware, usually in the center with windows surrounding the space. However, you can get these doors with straight or curved tops, depending on the opening in which they need to fit.

Single French Doors

Single French doors allow light to stream between rooms, making them a great choice for interior doors. You can also use this type of door to open out onto a patio, especially if you have a small space or the wall is taken up by a large window. Again, these doors come in straight and arched varieties.

French Doors With Sidelights

If double doors don't quite fit your space, or you want to add a little extra something to your doors, installing sidelights is a great choice. You get more windows, which means more light.

Shop for Black French Doors With PINKYS

With all of this information, you're ready to start shopping for black French doors. At PINKYS, we're a seller of these doors. Offered in a range of styles and varieties, our black French doors are sure to stand out in any room. Get in touch or shop from our selection to learn more.

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