Bring Minimalist Design to Your Murfreesboro Bedroom with a Steel Door

Are you planning to create a minimalist-inspired bedroom straight out of a magazine but are unsure how to go about it? You’re not alone. Keeping preferences and personal style aside, minimalism is trending these days.

Additionally, with empirical studies speaking in favor of the less-is-more philosophy, people are changing their bedroom styles to make them more functional and aesthetic. We’ve rounded up some minimalist design tips that you can use to create a comfortable and functional bedroom in line with your needs.

Open Floor Plan

A minimalist bedroom will naturally have more space and less clutter, so start by going over the things you need and the things you haven’t used in at least a year. Even if you’re creating an understated look, that doesn’t mean you have to throw your book collection or hide them in the closet. Follow a general rule of thumb by neatly stacking things in an orderly fashion.

Steel Doors

Whether you include flat-top steel doors or double arch steel doors, your bedroom will look more consistent with these doors, especially if you paint your walls in a contrasting, subdued shade.

Pair this with symmetrical furniture to bring your minimalistic bedroom to life. You can include geometrically shaped chairs with a monochromatic palette and linear motifs and patterns on the upholstery and rug.

Simple Accessories

If you’re changing up your bedroom’s theme, you’ve probably planned to add in new accessories. Rather than splurging on things you don’t need, consider installing iron doors with customized dimensions and directions according to your needs.

Complete this look with a frameless round mirror, black metal side table, white linen bedding, or multi-purpose furniture like an accent chair that can be turned into a side table.

Balance of Colors

You may have thought minimalism primarily comprises white or off-white colors, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Your bedroom can include a few vibrant splashes to make it pop, perhaps with the help of a vivid rug or a piece of abstract art against the neutral wall colors in the background. 

Entry doors with sidelight and transoms can bring plenty of natural light in that bounces off light-colored surfaces to make your entire bedroom light up. 

Door Handles & Locks

If you’re looking for a dash of understated elegance, this one’s for you. While door handles and locks aren’t given a lot of attention during the designing phase, they’re the first thing you’ll touch when you enter your bedroom.

Installing a thermally broken entry door with a lever, doorknob, or a molten bronze Wilshire can give a refined and graceful look to your guests even before they’ve stepped inside your modest little sanctuary.

That’s why getting a steel door from Pinky’s Iron Doors will help you complete your minimalist bedroom look.

They can provide all kinds of custom iron doors and steel doors, alongside the updated discount iron doors in their clearance section. Start shopping for your Murfreesboro home remodel project at Pinky’s Iron Doors online store today.

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