Buying Wrought Iron Doors in Phoenix, Arizona - Why It's Such a Great Idea

Travel throughout Phoenix and you'll see an array of house styles.

Ranch and Pueblo revival homes - which draw inspiration from Spanish colonial architecture - are common, as are designs with a Mediterranean flavor. Those homes mix with more contemporary and mid-century designs to create a gorgeous architectural hodgepodge of styles that lend the city a unique flavor.

Each of those styles can be enhanced with custom wrought iron doors.

To explain how metal doors are such a good idea - even in the baking heat of Phoenix - PINKYS has come up with eight reasons why an iron entry door should adorn your home's exterior.

Reason 1 - The Highest Quality Materials in Your Iron Door

Iron is all about material quality.

Lifestyle of PINKYS Air 5 Black Single Full Arch Steel Door

It offers longevity and style without becoming as much of a victim to the intense heat and sandy air of the city as wood will become. That material starts to show its flaws when it's buffeted by the wind and sands of Phoenix, with paint stripping away and the wood eroding over time thanks to the constant - albeit - small pressure being placed upon it.

With a wrought iron entry door, you face far fewer of these problems.

Iron products are built to last, especially in more extreme temperatures, and can lend your home an elegant style that simply isn't possible with a wooden door that's only going to look more worn as time goes on.

Reason 2 - Iron Entry Doors Add Curb Appeal

You have multiple options when you're trying to raise your home's value. A kitchen remodel can add thousands - though it also costs thousands - as could a bathroom renovation. However, perhaps the most effective way to boost a property's value in Phoenix is to install a stunning iron front door.


Iron doors add a unique architectural flavor to the standard home designs seen throughout Phoenix, offering contrast while still blending into the Mediterranean aesthetic seen throughout the city. Better yet, they do something crucial in the home-selling context:

They lead to an amazing first impression for anybody who visits your property.

That's key to selling your home, with 68% of homebuyers saying their impression of a property - and thus the offer they eventually make - is swayed massively by how it looks from the curb.

Reason 3 - Custom Iron Doors Can Be Tailored to Your Style

Doors, iron or otherwise, offer a little bit of insight into your style.

A big and beefy iron door tells everybody that "function" and "security" are your go-to style choices. However, an installation that uses a more intricate design, such as iron scrollwork covering a large glass pane, communicates beauty ahead of protection.

All are possible with wrought iron doors because they can be customized to suit your style. If you want to go modern, a door with bold black lines and large windows - such as the PINKYS Air range - is the picture of elegance that will make you the envy of your neighbors. For those who love the more rustic look, Dutch doors can offer that farmyard feel even as they match a non-rural home.

Reason 4 - Thermally Broken Doors Help Keep Your Home Cool

"Hold on a second," you might think. "Iron doors sound nice and all, but you realize I live in Phoenix? Having a metal door means that I'm going to be transmitting tons of warm air into my home during the summer, so I'll have to keep my air conditioning on full blast."

That might be the case with traditional iron, steel, and aluminum doors, all of which are conductors that transfer heat energy from wherever it's warmest to wherever it's coolest.

But it's not the case with a PINKYS door because of two words - thermal breaking.

To confront the conductivity problem, we build thermal breaks into our wrought iron doors that essentially act as insulators built into the metal. The heat from outside - which can easily top 99 degrees Fahrenheit at the height of summer - is blocked by the break, meaning your iron door doesn't act as a bridge over which outdoor heat can cross when you're trying to keep your home cool.

Reason 5 - Keep Maintenance to a Minimum With Iron or Steel Doors

We touched on the trouble that Phoenix residents have with front door maintenance earlier:

Combine heat and sand from the Arizona desert and you get a recipe for chipped paint and weakened wood if you go down the wooden road.

PINKYS Iron Door Spray

Compared to wood, iron is far more capable of withstanding the powerful Arizona sun. That's not to say it's 100% maintenance-free, as that would be misleading. Painted iron can still present problems as sand strips paint away from iron, just as it strips it away from wood. However, the underlying metal materials won't erode or become weaker as wood does, granting far more longevity while making a wrought iron door easier to maintain.

Pro Tip - To keep your PINKYS iron door in tip-top condition, combine our Iron Door Spray with our Touch-Up Paint. Each only takes a matter of minutes to use and will help your iron door last much longer.

Reason 6 - Single or Double Door - The Choice Is Yours

You're standing at your home's entryway, trying to figure out how to put your best foot forward.

Do you stick with the single-door design that you have now, or choose double doors - perhaps even French doors - to reinvigorate your home's exterior and give it a brand-new aesthetic?

That's a decision that PINKYS leaves up to you.

But no matter which option you choose, we deliver stunning iron doors at a price that's fair to our customers. In other words, you can go single or double, and it doesn't matter - PINKYS offers wrought iron doors built to suit whatever aesthetic works best for you.

Reason 7 - A Wrought Iron Door Is Easy to Install

Though an iron door has the potential to transform your home - and serve as an investment that pays itself back if you ever choose to sell - you still have to install the door once it arrives.

Of course, you have the option of working with professionals to do this. That'll cost a hefty chunk of change, but you can at least trust them to finish the job well. But for the DIY enthusiasts out there, we have good news:

A PINKYS iron door is remarkably simple to install.

All of our customers receive comprehensive installation instructions - which cover all of the little details - to get their doors fitted in minutes. As long as you have two people who can follow instructions, the door essentially slots into place with a few screws and some care being taken.

Don't believe us?

Check out this time-lapse video of a PINKYS installation in progress, and you'll see how simple it can be.

Reason 8 - The PINKY's Exclusive Reason - We Combine Iron With Glass in Our Doors

When you think of wrought iron doors, your mind might wander to the traditional idea of what that means. Big. Bulky. Heavy. All words that likely don't suit your aesthetic ideas for your Phoenix home.

They're also words that you would never associate with a PINKYS iron door.

Our doors are inspired by the California aesthetic - with just an element of the intricacies of jazz built in - to achieve a style that melds the power of iron with the airy feel that's achieved by using glass in your door. Sleek black lines and large glass panes are the hallmarks of most PINKYS doors, our Air range in particular, so you don't need to worry about sacrificing modernity at the altar of iron.

Get a Custom Wrought Iron Door From PINKYS

Now that you know why wrought iron doors are such a great choice for Phoenix - assuming you buy them from the right manufacturer - there's only one thing left for you to do.

Browse the PINKYS online store and then contact us to discuss your options. From our Air range to the many unique twists on classic door designs you'll see in our store, you can guarantee that you'll get something special when you do business with PINKYS.

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