California Homeowners Need to Try These Patio Décor Ideas Using Iron Patio Doors

Iron doors have an impervious look to them that makes them way more appealing than other ordinary doors. They are the perfect way to add more aesthetic appeal to your California home. Plus, iron doors create a lasting impression not just on your home but the entire neighborhood.



If you think iron patio doors might limit your décor prospects, here are some fantastic tips for you to choose from:

All-Weather Outdoor Furniture

First things first - the furniture. You can’t keep changing the furniture as the seasons change all around the year. It’s always a smart idea to invest in all-weather furniture. It comes with covers to protect it from snow and rain, which can be removed during warmer months.

Try sticking to jute and cane based outdoor furniture in lighter tones as that’d complement your iron patio door very well. And if you’re considering to get a new iron door, Pinky’s Iron Doors has an amazing variety in stock for you. From French doors to custom-made front doors with sidelights, we can do it all.


Your lighting can make or break the mood, therefore choose the lighting carefully. We’d suggest considering in-the-floor spotlights that’ll lead you from your iron door to the patio, along with other softer light options. The aim is only to place lighting where you’ll be moving or operating the most.

Swing Chairs

Sitting there and letting it swing while you listen to your music or enjoy your favorite book. Style it with some colorful cushions for a brighter look or keep it minimalistic to match your black iron door by choosing the shades of cream and black.


The greener, the better.

Imagine peeking through your French iron patio door only to see a barren patio with no sight of greenery – how dull! Plants and flowers add brightness and life to your patio, inhibiting a welcoming feeling. Check with your local gardener for seasonal flowers.

Patio Bar

If you love outdoor gatherings, a patio bar is a must. It doesn’t haven’t to be all fancy. Adding something as simple as a tall marble table paired with high stools will complete the look. Place it opposite your iron patio door to take a peek from inside now and then.



How you choose to decorate your patio can help your iron door shine or fade into the background. You wouldn’t want to spend so much money and time making an iron door, only to see it being ignored, right?

Use our tips to decorate your patios with iron doors and share a picture with us. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we love seeing our customers enjoying their creations.

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