Upcoming Interior and Exterior Iron Door Trends for 2022

The holiday season is the perfect time to do a little home renovation! It’s refreshing to change things up, especially by renovating or installing iron doors in your home. However, don’t make any changes without considering the latest iron door trends!

Choosing iron doors can be a tough task. You’re probably unsure what trends are making the rounds and which ones are here to stay. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve rounded up the latest, ultra-chic iron door trends for the upcoming year.

Double Iron Doors

The beautifully crafted double iron doors will always be a favorite for us. And for good reason too! These doors accentuate your property by letting more light into your space. This gives an expansive look to your home.

Moreover, these wrought iron doors add to the curb appeal of your property.

Air 4 Double Arch, Air 5 Double Arch, Air 6 Double Arch, and our Air 19 are some fantastic choices for you to consider. Moreover, add some sidelights for an even more spacious look with our Air 4 with Sidelights or Air 19 with Sidelights.  

Add Glass to Iron Doors

Glass goes really well with iron doors. These chic and modern doors brighten up the room with natural light. Their simplistic design makes them aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The trend du jour in the interior design world currently is space zoning. Try elegant glass doors to zone out areas in your home. Iron sliding doors are an impeccable choice for those who wish to create an exquisite-looking separation in their living space, without compromising the aesthetics of their interiors. These options are perfect to separate your working area while letting more natural light in.

Some ideal choices would be our Barn Doors, Air 5, Air 4 Bi-Fold, Air 4 Double Flat, and Air 4 Single Arch.

Sliding Doors

Designers love the sliding doors trend for 2022. These sliding doors feature a sleek design and adds a touch of elegance to modern and contemporary homes.  Their chic and luxe design allows homeowners to save more space and are ideal for small spaces.

You can also customize exquisite yet affordable iron or steel sliding doors to your liking. 

Add Elegant Accessories

Accessories add some much-needed pizzazz to your iron doors. If you have some extra space above your front iron door, iron transoms with glass will be the classy addition. These trendy accessories let natural light in and make your door the focal point of your home. You can pick either a full arch or a flat top door, or customize it to your needs. Some options include our Miracle Transom, Beverly Transom, and Air Transom

If you have some side space, sidelights are another great option for you. Our Air Lite and Decorative Sidelight may be right up your alley.

For an unparalleled iron door design, Pinky’s Iron Doors is the top choice. Browse through our expansive range of wrought iron doors, iron entry doors, iron French doors, and double iron doors of your dreams.

Visit our website to know more. 


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