California Residents Need to Know These Doors, Windows, and Interior Trends for Fall 2021


Doors and windows can change the appeal of your whole house. It's an integral part of your architecture and contributes to the beauty of your interior. Gone are the times when you could install over-the-top doors and windows with in-your-face designs in your house.

It's now time to make the transition to minimalism and contemporary themes. Even if your house follows a classic theme, you can perfectly blend it with modern design elements to give it a chic flair.

Want to stay updated on the current doors, windows, and interior trends that you can follow? We've compiled a list of the top trends that can turn up the oomph level of your place.

Steel Swing Doors with Glass

What's better than good, old swing doors? Swing doors with glass! The classic yet modern appeal of these doors is just perfect to beautify your house. Swing doors with glass are great for the entryway and the back entrance, especially if you have a beautiful view that you want to leave unobstructed.

French Doors are back

There's a timeless beauty to French doors that keeps them trendy with time. Their essence lies in their minimalistic feel and the level of modern appeal they can give to just about any space.

Whether you choose flat French doors or arched ones, they are sure to elevate the beauty of any space. Additionally, another plus point of using French doors is that they can be used in both the interior and exterior of the house.

Pocket Doors for Patio

Pocket doors have recently become popular because of the excellent functionality they offer. When completely opened, they can disappear in the wall compartment and allow an open floor space. They offer a great view of the exterior while retaining a modern feel to the space when shut.

If you have a patio in your house, it'll be a crime to leave it undecorated. Find aesthetic lights, plushy and comfortable furniture, a sturdy center table, and beautiful planters to spruce up your patio. You can also install a pocket door in your patio to give it an added flair and improve the area's overall functionality.

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Pair Steel Casement Windows with Sidelights

Windows are a very important feature of all the rooms. You can keep them trendy when installing windows by getting pair steel casement windows (as many as you like) to fill up a wall. This will allow more natural lighting to come through. Additionally, these windows are also minimalistic and modern.

You can add sidelights to the casement windows to further light up the room and add a wholesome feel to it.


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With the right doors and window, you can add pzzazz to your space and make it a head-turner. If you want to stay up to date, choose the right trends that work for your home and give it a fresh, brand new look.

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