Modern Iron Doors and Santa Fe’s Spanish-Inspired Architecture—A Combination like No Other


Santa Fe is called “The City Different” for a good reason — it’s a city where native America meets the Wild West and blends with Spanish sensibilities. At first glance, it may seem like time has stood still in this city but don’t be fooled; Old Spain inspires even the city’s modern architecture, and it’s the perfect example of classic meets contemporary.

It’s this architecture that gives the city a unique feel. The arches, the intricately designed pillars, the stucco—everything gives it a distinct, unmatched appeal.  The architecture is further boosted by the effective use of custom iron doors that add to the overall charm of the city. This is what makes Santa Fe neighborhoods so easy to spot.

Here’s why iron doors work so well with Santa Fe’s Spanish-inspired architecture.

The Colors Work Well

Spanish-inspired architecture uses earthy tones and sandy colors abundantly, with red and rustic tile roofs on top. These colors give an overall pale look to the houses. In contrast, the dark iron doors stand out against these colors. The fusion of light and dark colors in the architecture gives it a nice, clean look that makes each modern design element stand out.

The Overall Exotic Feel

Santa Fe neighborhoods boast of having an exotic feel. This is not just because of the overall architecture but the use of iron doors. Iron doors lend an aesthetic appeal to the house, making it look even more striking. Walking down a typical Santa Fe neighborhood makes you feel like you’re in a Spanish neighborhood from the 1950s.

The Shapes Come Together

Iron doors work especially well with the arches, pillars, and picturesque tile roofs of Spanish-inspired architecture. The different shapes of each element all come together to form a beautiful cacophony. Whether you choose arched or flat, single or double, the iron doors add substance to the overall design.


The Intricate Patterns

Iron is easily molded into different shapes. Iron doors, as a result, come in various designs that are aesthetically pleasing and work well with Santa Fe’s architecture. In addition to contemporary, minimalistic iron door designs, floral patterns are also very famously used in this region. The intricate patterns on the surface of these iron doors give the house a whole new personality and work well with the other details in Spanish architecture.

Get the Best Iron Doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors

With the right iron doors, you can enhance the look and feel of the Spanish-inspired architecture of your lovely house. It’s the perfect choice for people who want to add a modern twist to their old-school homes. It can also increase the curb appeal of your house and make it a head-turner.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we can help you get inspired to find an appropriate and affordable iron front door for your Santa Fe house. Browse through our variety of French doors, sliding doors, Dutch Doors, and pocket doors to pick the right one for your Spanish architecture house.

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