Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Stunning Beverly Hills Mansion: 5 Interior Elements We’re Obsessed With

Power couple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s incredible Beverly Hills home is now on the market for a reported $23.95 million, and we’re in complete awe of it. The Oscar-winning singer and his professional-model-turned-food-writer wife are now moving to a bigger place with their kids—and leaving behind this jaw-dropping, customized mansion.

So we decided to take a look at the 8,520-sq-ft Los Angeles home—once owned by the uber-talented Rihanna—and discover the top design elements that we can draw inspiration from. 

#1 A Professional-Grade Kitchen

Given Teigen’s culinary flair, it’s no surprise that one of the first changes the couple made when moving in was building a state-of-the-art kitchen. The place includes twin refrigerators, two stovetops, three ovens, and gorgeous Italian quartz countertops that are routinely featured in Teigen’s cooking videos and Instagram posts. At the same time, the kitchen is cozy and durable, with plenty of seating for the family.

#2 Massive Windows for Walls

Among the initial changes was a shift from stark-white interiors to a warmer look. To achieve this goal, the couple opted for large, expansive floor-to-ceiling glass walls. When the windows and sliding doors are drawn open, the living room has a marvelous golden, sun-drenched look. Even the rooms have huge windows to maximize natural light with glass-edged balconies for a clear view.

#3 The Stunning Walk-In Closet

Teigen and Legend and both known for their high-fashion, so it’s no surprise that the home features stunning walk-in closets that could rival any Rodeo Drive destination. Teigen calls her closet the “glam room,” which features glass-fronted wardrobes and extensive shelving for her shoe and handbag collections.

#4 A Cozy Movie Theater

The home also includes several amenities, including an ambient theater and a well-equipped gym. The theater is an easy getaway and comes stocked with a popcorn machine and candy jars. The cozy room is fully furnished with comfortable recliner sofas, a plasma TV, and acoustics that enhance the movie-watching experience for everyone.

#5 Modern Metallic Elements

The interiors were further enhanced by modern metallic that strike a perfect balance between chic and functional. You can tell Teigen’s mix and match aesthetic is at play with accented bronze and brass fixtures throughout the house.

Among the neutrals, there are little elements here and there that make a statement. For instance, the oversized sliding brass doors that separate the formal dining room are a beautiful sight.

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