Interior Design Book: January Edition

As with most things, home décor also evolves. Although shifts are more evident over longer stretches of time, new trends in interior design typically emerge every year. Comfort and tradition were the winners in 2020 as more people opted to make their spaces more inviting and functional.

This year, we’re expecting the same trends to continue, but with a more mindful approach towards space and how it can be utilized for maximum effect. Let’s take a look at the top interior designs for January.

1. Maximize Natural Light

Natural lighting techniques, also known as daylighting, have returned to the scene once again. Daylighting is an excellent way to warm up your interior, make your home more sustainable, and has also been linked to enhanced wellbeing and better mood.

Opting for lighter wood tones, installing iron French doors, and strategically placing mirrors in your home are all excellent techniques to make the most of this trend.

2. Earthy, Grounded Shades

Earthy tones are all about using “natural colors” found in the environment such as the cloudy sky, green leaves, a mud-baked-earth, or a glowing sun. Packed with warm greens, gorgeous rusts, slubby browns, and deep reds, these colors are designed to evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort. These colors are often muted and can be tied together with both contemporary and rustic pieces for a mix and match vibe.

3. Houseplants

Influenced by earthy aesthetics, houseplants have made a comeback like never before. A quick peep at Instagram and Pinterest will reveal a variety of houseplants from retro hanging creepers to cheerful blooms. Indoor plants have been making their way back into homes adding some much-needed vibrancy and freshness to our homes.

4. Arts and Crafts

The contemporary Arts and Crafts trend embraces the same values of the iconic 19th-century movement that aimed to increase the value of hand-made pieces and overcome the damaging effects of machine production.

Although vintage décor pieces and re-purposed textiles have been making their way back slowly, this year, the trend is expected to incorporate larger elements of homes.

5. Ocean Hues

Capture the feeling of beach getaways and relaxing poolside lounges with cool, contemporary interiors. In line with the earthy feel, calm aquamarines and cool teals are often associated with comfort and peace. Whether you choose to create a statement wall or opt for signature pieces, this color range is the epitome of the tranquil yet modern look.

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