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Known as the wealthiest town in all of Massachusetts, Dover is a residential town nestled comfortably near the south of the Charles River. Radiating with strong historical roots, the town is part of a settlement that extends all the way to England!

Much like one would expect, Dover is always talked about with high praises, with well to do families rushing to build themselves a comfortable and loving home in the mostly liberal, suburban and residential area. An ideal place for families, Dover has some of the most highly rated public schools in the nation and nearby parks that are always bustling with families.

With an extremely low annual crime rate, Dover houses affluent individuals as well as retirees who want to continue on with a peaceful lifestyle. This desire is further fulfilled by the scenic views spread across town for visitors and residents alike.

Prior to its official establishment as a town, the area was previously known as Springfield due to the farming community settling in to tend to their fields. It was in 1836 that the chairman of the Springfield committee decided to inaugurate the town and choose a name that would pay homage to his ancestral home; Dover.

Although today the farming community is no longer a part of Dover, the remnants of their hard work can be seen throughout the town. Farm houses, barns, open pasture fields and rustic stone walls separating one house from the other are just some of the many influences left behind that define the town’s beauty and history.

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In hopes of mixing the historical with the modern, the Pinky Iron Door’s team is always facilitating homeowners of Dover with stunning contemporary style iron doors that add a refreshing contrast to the otherwise historical architecture present in Dover. Whether you’re on the hunt for front doors, entry doors, patio doors or would prefer to change up the style and incorporate French doors, we have it all available ready-to-order for our clients. Whether you’re a new family looking to buy a home and give it your own personalized touch, or a proud homeowner aching for a remodeling, our custom iron doors and steel windows will give your property the curb appeal that will not only go swimmingly well with the exterior design, but also bump your property value of your home.

Browse our various designs and projects to find the look that works best for you. Call us at (844) 843-6677 for more information about our products.

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