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A town rich with colonial history, it comes as no surprise that Lexington is named after Lord Lexington, an English peer. However, other historians argue that it was named after Lexington, a town in Nottinghamshire that was once named Lexington, which is called Laxton today.

Lexington also participated with the first battle of many in the American War of Independence, named the Battle of Lexington. The town even has an old burying ground that has become the final respecting place for many Revolutionary and Civil war soldiers that fought courageously for their country. Till date, the town has annual festivals that commemorate the battle through reenactments to remind the townspeople of the bravery shown by the people of Lexington during the Patriots Day festivities.

Owing to its close proximity to downtown Boston, Lexington hosts the highest Asian population in all of Massachusetts, with nearly 26% of the population falling into the bracket. Similarly, Lexington also hosts a large number of individuals not born in the US, which 29% of the population falling into the bracket. The diversity further extends to educational institutes in Lexington as well.

Our door firepit with large exterior windows.

The urge to settle down in beautiful homes is a goal for every individual currently part of Lexington. To accommodate this request with aesthetically pleasing additions to their homes, Pinky’s Iron Doors provides customizable steel doors and windows that add a personal touch to every home.

Whether you’re working independently or with an interior decorator, you’ll find that we have a wide range of contemporary iron doors that fit with the current home décor designs trending on mainstream media. Whether you’re looking for factory style steel doors or French entry doors, you’ll find that we have worked on extensive styles that you can use to style your new home.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, our expert designers take your vision and breathe life into it so you can walk into your aesthetically pleasing home through our gorgeous entry doors with a smile. No design is too ambitious for us, so you can let us know what you have in mind along with the dimensions and we’ll make sure you get what you need.

Call us at (844) 843-6677 for more information about our products and what would work best for your home in Weston.

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