Converting Your Home into an Earthy Paradise with Steel Doors

Summers are here, and it’s time to convert your home into a dreamy refuge filled with visual treats like earthy tones of moss green and chocolate brown, wooden floors, and contemporary steel and iron doors. 

There is nothing quite as soothing as staying rooted in nature. However, when working with earthy colors, it can be challenging to strike harmony and maintain visual interest in your home.

If you're looking for some design and inspiration to convert your home into an earthy paradise, we rounded up some of the most inspiring earthy home décor ideas featuring steel and iron doors.

The Parisian Way

Nothing is as captivating as the classic Parisian home décor full of modern cozy touches that exude charm.

Vintage furnishings upholstered in mohair velvet, watercolor paintings, Kilim rugs, earthenware vases, and a set of stunning steel and iron doors will give your home an instant face-lift.

You can also pair high-gloss black steel doors with vibrant earthy tones of emerald, garnet, brick red, and taupe. This Parisian-inspired look will make your space appear more sophisticated and modern.

Modern Rustic

A room interior with steel doors, wooden floors, and a potted plant.

Every interior designer has been recently raving about going the cottage-core way.

Stone-covered walls, wood vaulted ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows, stone veneer fireplace, and vibrantly patterned rugs will give your home interior a sudden rustic appeal, especially if you install sleek and shiny steel French doors.

You can also add light moulded panels, wooden or jagged gray stone accents, and interior sliding doors for maximized light. Accessorize with antique floor lamps, concrete candelabras, oak benches, and enameled glass cocktail tables.

Setting up a Tranquil Meditative Space

If you’re a fan of all things Zen, why not set up a small meditation corner in your home space?

Maximize light and space in your home by installing stunning patio doors that come with a blend of glass. Having open and bright spaces has an instant transformative effect, and it can fill your home with undeniable exuberant energy.

Throw in some soft sheepskin cushions and throws in neutral tones, lavender and lilac accents, metallic pendant lighting, and antique wooden furniture for a dramatic effect.

This is also your chance to fill your home with refreshing foliage with potted plants like gorgeous Philodendrons, Pothos, and variegated snake plants to complete your meditation corner. The plant will serve as a calming source of energy, and enjoy basking in the soothing morning sunlight.

Ready to transform your home interior by decking it with some cottage-core and earthy themes?

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