Cozy Up with Cold Weather Doors in Paducah, Kentucky


Paducah is well into the twilight of spring, what with days getting warmer overnight. However, that does not mean you should put off replacing your front or interior doors till next winter. We live in an increasingly unpredictable reality, so it’s better to get things done as they come rather than wait and run smack dab into another lockdown.

Here are some cold weather doors to consider for your property’s interior or exterior.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors have a top jamb and a box on which they rotate when opened. They are a fun take on the revolving door we have become so familiar with. A custom iron door or its NFRC-rated steel counterpart would be just the thing your business establishment needs to draw in customers.

Order your cold weather Air 19 pivot door today, and you can have it installed well into the summer.

Sliding Doors

Steel sliding doors have been around for a while. Due to their mechanism, they take less space than the average door, which makes them a perfect match for small interiors.

You can install a cold-weather version of custom steel doors to your office, conservatory, orangery, kitchen, dining room, and can even get it as a back door.



Intricate Double Arch

Need your cold weather doors to have a bit of personality? We’ve got quite a few, from the leafy June Double Arch to the geometric Woodstock, Queensway, and Bailey. These wrought iron doors can make a house or restaurant look homey yet hip.

You can even choose the level of transparency you want in the glass, as there are nine different types. The same goes for color; you can select from five different shades, although black remains a classic.

Room Dividers

Room dividers aren’t like front doors or any door for that matter. They do what they sound like, dividing rooms where there isn’t a clear boundary. They are not meant for opening and are thus great at preserving the temperature of a room.

Therefore, you can contain the warmth from your fireplace within a specific area instead of having it disperse through an open arch to whatever room your open plan allows. 

Wrought Iron and Steel Cold Weather Doors in Paducah, KY

You can customize your cold weather doors or select from the wide range at our online showroom and get them on a special order. Our team is adept at creating things from scratch. They live to design new custom iron and steel doors that would fit the client’s requirements. Get them to install transoms and sidelights, and they’d be happy to oblige.

Clear everything up with us, and start on your cold weather doors today.

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