House Flipping with Steel Front Doors in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky: 4 Gorgeous Design Ideas


As real estate picks up again, you may need inspiration on how to get the most out of an investment in a short amount of time. Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so is a house only as well-received as its front door. And that is exactly where you need to start.

The following steel front doors might just help your profit margin.

1. Floor to Ceiling

The only way to modernize an old house is by giving it a steel door large enough to blend out the indoors and outdoors smoothly. An Air 5 – Flat Top is a great way to achieve that, especially if it has a transom. There is a size for every wall, and pre-drilled holes on the jamb make installing the entry a breeze.

2. French Doors

You can take in your surroundings well within the premises with steel French doors. If you have a wide enough entry, we suggest going all out with the Air 5 with sidelights.These steel front doors will give your investment a luxurious aura by making it look spacious yet minimalistic. They are simple and elegant without being too over the top if you are more into muted shades.



Steel Doors with an Arch

If you aren’t into visibility or want to make privacy a selling point for your property, how about going for a Getty – Double Arch? These double entry doors are more steel and less framed glass, and they are indeed large and wide enough to make an impression. Anyone looking from the outside in can feel the opulence these doors exude, and it’s a great way to attract buyers willing to pay good money for your house.

3. Single Front Door

If your entry is not wide enough to accommodate double doors, you can always go for a single Dutch door, meaning your upper half can open independently of the lower half. You have the option of six glass squares there or four, depending on the size.

If visibility is more your cup of tea, may we suggest getting a custom steel door? You can have transoms or sidelights added to it if there is enough space at the top and sides, and it will have the same effect as double doors.

Elegance Personified: Steel Front Doors in Mammoth Cave, KY

You can always pick up a set of steel doors from our showroom or have us dispatch an in-stock door within a day or two of placing your order. They are available with transoms and sidelights or as cold weather doors. Not only that, but we also have steel options in dividers, patio, and interior doors, that slide open into pocketed or pocket-less walls.

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