Remodeling 101: Ideas for Interior Doors in Bowling Green


It’s that time of the year in bowling green when you have to dust off your overall s and put them on for a new DIY project. Whether it’s a renovation you are eyeing or an extension, we believe the best way to start is with interior doors.

You can never go wrong with iron and steel doors, and here is how each of the following can influence your interior design.

Accordion Door

If you are looking to add a conservatory or indoor orangery to your house, it would be best to go for a bi-fold door. The contemporary iron design is made for the modern home. As the name suggests, it consists of doors that fold unto themselves when opened and show the garden in all its glory when closed

This modern iron door also makes a pretty good patio entry if that is what you are looking to renovate this season.

Sliding Doors

Steel sliding doors are perfect for open-plan homes. They create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors, so much so that if the pane is spotless enough, you would probably run straight into them.

You might want to get sliding doors for all the rooms in your house while changing the glass type to maintain privacy.


A Wall of French Doors

Some get windows to make the most of their backyard, while others want to make it both a passage to the outdoors and a window for when it’s closed. French doors give you the opportunity to tear down your opaque walls and replace them with glass and iron.

It’s completely up to you in what number and manner you want your French doors. However, we recommend them for a dining room overlooking the back garden, a living room with a gorgeous view, or a bedroom that opens into a heavily wooded or mountainous terrain.

Wine Cellar Doors

Irons doors for wine cellars are about showing off your extensive collection, so we hope the collectors and connoisseurs out there listen to us when we tell them to either go French or install a custom iron door that would showcase their collection to full effect without so much as a speck of stain.

Upgrade with Contemporary Iron Doors in Bowling Green, KY

Our team is willing to accommodate all your remodeling requirements. We make sure special orders for interior doors, especially those for the office, get ready and delivered within three months of placing the order. The same goes for custom iron doors and room dividers.

Pay our showroom a visit, hit us up online to satisfy your curiosity, or get shopping for some brand new steel sliding doors.

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