Best Interior Door Options for Your New Home in Frankfort


You might have come under the possession of a home with interior doors so old they’re practically perforated. While Frankfort’s snowy days are behind it, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get chilly in the evenings. Therefore, you must invest in something that isn’t half peephole.

Check out some of the best modern iron and steel door types for the indoors.

Steel Sliding Doors

What makes sliding doors different from other doors is the space they occupy. Since you slide them open, they require room sideways instead of in the front and back. This feature makes them a great option for closets, bathrooms, and bedroom doors in smaller homes.

With enough glass framing, sliders can also be great candidates for steel patio doors, letting in the natural light through their stainless pane.

Pocket Doors

Like the above, pocket doors open sideways. However, there is a pocket built in the wall for that purpose. Therefore, they look like contemporary iron doors, but instead of sliding over, they disappear inside a hollow wall as soon as you open them.

You can have them installed as patio doors and as an entry to your home office, to name a few.



Barn Doors

Barn doors are yet another solution that cater to the minimalist needs of a small house. They are surface-mounted doors that slide open over a pocket-less wall. Hence, it’s safe to say that iron doors like these don’t require inward or outward room; just an empty wall on both sides.

They are perfect for interior doors that divide kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and patios.

French Doors

French doors can be installed side by side to give the room a light, open, and airy feel. This makes them a great alternative for floor-to-ceiling windows.

You can install French doors as dividers and back, side, and front doors. They can open into your patio or ‘yarden’ and brighten up a dark room better than artificial light.

New Interior Doors for a New Home in Frankfort, KY

We have dividers as well as iron and steel doors available in designs ranging from single arch to double flat and more. Dutch doors for the patio? How about sliding doors for the kitchen? And let’s not forget cold weather doors for the entry.

We are only skimming the top here, so be sure to head over to our online showroom for more.

Get in touch for questions about our steel windows and custom iron doors and dividers.

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