How Do Modern Iron Doors Increase the Value of Your Lexington Home?


Lexington real estate ranks number five in the US, and sooner or later, you will want to make bank. We recommend you start preparing for a good first, second, third, and more impressions to come by installing iron doors.

Following are the reasons iron interior and front doors are good from a real estate standpoint.

Perceived Value

Perceived value is the price you assume for your property, which is almost always higher than its market value. From a consumer standpoint, it is also what they see your home to be worth. They won’t see much unless you have an old door in need of a serious paint job.

By greeting buyers with a set of contemporary iron doors, you will be making a statement; you will be entitled to the price you set for your property rather than its actual valuation.

It is a one-time investment you make to keep your exterior looking new and interior as if it stepped off an interior design catalog.


The thing about a modern iron door is that they are a one-time investment. The longer you live behind iron doors, the more obvious this becomes.

It’s better to spend more on a set of sturdy Dutch doors than cut corners and pay for it when your house gets sold for a smaller profit margin.



We previously mentioned that iron doors might increase your home’s perceived value. Let us add to that: they may up your valuation because of their aesthetics.

Custom iron doors can be as simple or intricate as you want; they can be in any shape or size you desire because they are customizable. You can use them for several purposes, and design them as elegant, gothic, or pastel as you like.

Status Symbol

Iron doors have quite a royal history. Our first instinct is to associate wrought iron ones with castles, Victorian-era buildings, and cathedrals even to this very day.

Why not use this to your advantage? Imagine being the only house in a row of identical houses, which boasts interior doors made of iron, not wood. It would make anyone look twice and think once before deciding they want your property.

Iron Out Your Iron Doors in Lexington, KY

We are a one-stop solution for all your iron door needs.

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