Upsides of Installing Iron Doors in Your Louisville Property

Iron doors, especially custom-made ones, can last for years. Not only does this make them a great candidate for front doors but interior ones as well.

Keep reading for more on why your Louisville home or business residence could use iron interior doors.

Better Market Value

The real estate market has more than made up for last year’s slump, with commercial property following close behind residential real estate. However, we understand that it could just be a bubble, and another crash may very well be on the horizon.

Contemporary iron doors such as an Air Dutch with Fixed Glass would be just the thing to avoid the worst of it. It is more flexible than the average door, meaning it can be used as an exterior and interior door; and it’s easy on the eyes. What’s not to like?


The way a property looks inside and out makes a huge difference to its market valuation. Your home or commercial real estate is judged by its façade, and the prettier it looks, the higher its demand. If anything, an iron door is all but synonymous to beauty.

However, we appreciate it’s highly subjective. Some may find beauty in simplicity, while others might identify it with detail and complexity. And these doors satisfy every version.


Better in the Long Run

The decision to get iron doors for your home is not an easy one to make. They cost more than regular doors, and you may end up forgoing them to make a remodel cost less. What if we told you it would instead end up costing you more?

You make bank many times over on whatever you pay on iron doors upfront when you sell your property, which is what makes them such a great one-time investment.

The Brighter, The Better

Allow us to paraphrase: the sunnier a home, the better it looks. Brightness has been linked to positive motivation. By framing as much glass as you want with bi-fold patio doors, you might just look forward to waking up in the mornings for the sheer pleasure of basking in all that light.

Your Gateway to Custom Iron Doors in Louisville, KY

You could take a trip up to California for a first-hand look at the most extensive door inventory in the country, or let our experience speak for itself and browse our sliding, French, and pocket doors for your home or office online.

If you are searching for something more bespoke for your Louisville property, our team can make you a set of custom iron doors within four months of taking the order.

Reach out to us for queries, and we will be sure to get back to you at the earliest.

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