Custom Iron Doors Inspo for Your Home’s Interior

When remodeling your house, you shouldn’t have to choose from a set of premade furniture and architectural elements. The house remodeling journey begins with inspiration and ideas, so contorting those ideas to fit ready-made, mass-produced products isn’t ideal. This isn’t conducive to letting you express your creative spirit with your home.

Instead, you’d want to work with a company that facilitates your creative energy by letting you customize the products. That’s where we at Pinky’s Iron Doors can help. We give our clients substantial creative freedom in designing the iron doors of their dreams.

Though, why doors? Well, think about it. Doors are the first things guests interact with whenever they enter any of your rooms. They’re in charge of creating any room’s first impression. Besides that, the front door is responsible for the whole house’s first impression, as it’s the central element of the exterior. If you see a very well-made door followed by a not-as-well-made room, you’re left confused.

In summation, doors are important, especially for your home’s interior. Here are a few of our custom iron door projects to give you some inspiration.


The inspiration behind this project was to emphasize the owner’s line-centric design. As you can see from the picture, the home is flush with straight lines marking its architectural features. The paintings, mirror, and staircase design are also made to emphasize the home's straight lines. The single detractor from the theme is the iron door’s arched entryway. The purpose behind that was to mix the simplicity of straight lines that people see upon entering with the sophistication typical of arched entryways.

Natural Lighting and Design


The idea behind this iron door was twofold. The first idea was utilitarian; the addition of translucent glass was to control the flow of natural lighting into the home. The second idea is a testament to the importance of giving clients the room to customize their doors. The iron door, being made of iron, is already eye-catching due to the ubiquity of other materials, like wood. However, the design is really what catches the eye. Its vertical asymmetry and horizontal symmetry contrasts with each other and the doorway's straight lines. The result is a door that’s useful and artistic.

Pivot Iron Doors


Pivot iron doors are much wider doors than traditional swinging iron doors. They also rotate on a spindle as opposed to the hinges used by narrower swinging doors. Due to their width, these doors are towering and catch everyone’s eye. People aren’t accustomed to seeing iron doors occupy so much space, and that was the idea behind this iron door. The iron door’s width makes moving large objects convenient too.

If you want to let your creative spirit loose with custom iron doors, get in touch with us at Pinky’s Iron Doors.


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