Designing a Library and Reading Room for Your Home with Custom Iron and Steel Doors


Technology has revolutionized how we live. Automobiles have largely replaced walking, the internet has replaced traditional news media—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. That makes sense, since the purpose of human technology is to enhance our control over the environment to make our lives easier. And many of us have welcomed these changes for obvious reasons. Technology makes our lives easier, and no one needs to be taught to enjoy a more comfortable life.

However, there’s still part of us that longs for some semblance of nature or the way things used to be. Whether it’s going out and playing with friends or admiring the sunset, there’s something inherently alluring about a break from technology.

In some spheres, this alluring aura is more prominent, such as reading. Despite the convenience of e-readers and even using your phone to read, most people swear by paperbacks, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s easier to focus on reading when you’re away from the distractions of technology.

If you’re one of the many people who have sworn, swear, and will continue to swear by traditional reading media, you need the right environment. Here’s how to design a library and reading room in your home.

Mark the Entrance

This may seem symbolic for many people, but it can actually help get your mind in the zone to read. You’ll want to designate a separate room for reading and explicitly demarcate the area with one of our custom steel or iron doors. Over time, you’ll begin associating everything from the ceiling to the door with reading time.

So, you’ll want something distinctive to mark the entry to your reading room. Our room dividers, as well as our custom steel and iron doors, can facilitate that explicit division. Not only will they help get your mind into the reading mood, but they also look great, and there’s no reason a library shouldn’t look welcoming.


We mentioned at the beginning that your library should be associated with reading, and that’s true. Many people find success when they have a single room for a single purpose, especially when the purpose is something that requires you to focus, like reading.

However, everyone doesn’t fit this mold. For some people, the ideal reading room is one that forces you to leave behind technology. Of course, there’s a lot that you can do without technology, such as doubling your library as a dining room!


The next major part of your library is going to be the shelving. You don’t want your shelves to be in your way while you read, nor do you want them to occupy the center of the room. Shelves are best located on the peripheries of the room. You’ll also need to decide on the shelving material, which is typically wood, but the finish is your choice.

If you’re ready to make your personal library and reading room, get in touch with us, at Pinky’s Iron doors. Our custom iron and steel doors will make your library the ideal reading environment.


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