Decorating Your Front Door for The Christmas Party? Read These 5 Ideas

Throwing a Christmas party? Well, that requires a lot of effort and preparation, but to be fair, it’s worth all the hassle. After all, it’s one time of the year when people can take out time from their busy schedules and bond with their loved ones.

Most people prepare the food, decorate their home, and pack the gifts, but forget one important thing: the front door. Decorating your front door is important; in fact, it’s the first thing that guests see when visits to your place. Here are five great ideas for inspiration:

White Christmas

Let’s start off with an easy one. There are different colors associated with Christmas, including red, green and gold, but white is the one that really takes over without us noticing it. The white color represents peace and purity. It also happens to be the color of the snow.

You can wrap lights around small Christmas trees and place it on side of your front door. Hang a long garland wreath on your door. Sprinkle white snow on top of each item. You can also add a red ribbon to add vibrancy and liveliness—or as they say in French, joie de vivre.

Attention Grabbing Entrance

The name sounds very descriptive, yet very vague at the same time. After all, there are numerous ways to make your front door stand out! Well, this one’s very interesting. You can hang a thick garland on your front door and add red, green and white ornament balls.

It seems simple but looks phenomenal. It works best on iron doors with glass as the transparent background offers a more clean and sleek look. You can use a red ribbon to further spruce up your door.

Simple Ribbon Door

This is albeit the simplest way to decorate the front door for Christmas. If you are in a time crunch and looking to add flair in your front door, just wrap a huge red ribbon and add a garland right in the middle. If you don’t have a garland, you can simply tie a white ribbon.

It’s effortless and minimalistic. This décor looks equally good on iron doors as well as steel doors. If you have glass doors, you can also hang a few Christmas ornaments to add more color and panache.

Dress Up The Door

Now let’s move on to some advanced stuff. You will require gold wreath, gold ribbon, garland, holly, and several Christmas ornaments. Hang the garland around your door and decorate it with the gold ribbon.

Next, hang the beautiful gold wreath on your door and add holy and ornaments to make it look striking. Finally, finish it off by tying a bow from the beautiful gold ribbon to assemble all the elements. It looks exquisite on iron wrought doors.

Use a Theme

Christmas is a great occasion to show your creativity. You can welcome your guests by hanging an attention-grabbing wreath with a stuffed toy of your favorite character. For instance, you can either use cartoonish themes such as Mickey Mouse or opt for superhero themes like Avengers.

This is particularly great if you’re throwing a specific themed Christmas party. The entrance door with themed décor will set the tone and remind guests that they are walking in a themed party. Quite nifty, isn’t?

Christmas is right around the corner! Replace your old front door with one of Pinky Iron Door’s high-quality custom front wrought doors. To place an order or more details on our product line, call us today!
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