What Is Your Home's New Year's Resolution? 5 Must-Read Tips for Remodeling Your Home in 2020

Having a New Year's resolution has become somewhat of a tradition in the US. It’s a great way to make positive changes in our lives. The common resolutions include eating healthier, working out, losing weight, or learning a new skill. Well, these ideas are great, but what about your home? A clean, renovated home can be rejuvenating and can bring freshness and positivity in your life.

Here are five must-read tips for remodeling your home in 2020.

Boost the curb appeal of your home by installing iron doors

Most homeowners step into the New Year with the same front doors, which is typically boring and very generic. While some people give it a fresh coat of paint, it’s really not the same! Replace your old door with an iron door to amplify the curb appeal of your home.

An iron door comes with a multitude of benefits. For starters, it’s durable, strong, and looks elegant. Moreover, it helps to add insulation, which helps in keeping your home warm in the winters and save energy costs.

In addition to that, a beautiful wrought iron door allows the sunlight to seep into your home, keeping your home well-lit. Due to all these benefits of iron doors, the value of your home appreciates; hence, it’s undeniably a great investment.

Invest in quality windows—totally worth it!Invest in quality windows—totally worth it!

Windows are as important to the house as doors. They serve as a connection point to the outside world and help keep the space ventilated by bringing in fresh air and light. Consider replacing your plain windows with new steel windows.

Look for high-quality, energy-efficient windows with innovative design to beautify your home. Hopper and awning steel windows work great in contemporary houses. You can pair windows with transoms and sidelights to design a modern, beautiful living space.

Remodel your kitchen to suit your styleRemodel your kitchen to suit your style

A kitchen remodel is a big deal and worth all the effort. Consider redesigning it for both aesthetics and functionality. Add useful stuff like a second sink, paneled cabinet ends, full-extension drawer glides, and other kitchen essentials.

If you have some additional space, you can add a wine cellar. It’s a great way to keep your drinks cold and adds an eloquent touch to your kitchen. For aesthetics, you can add under-cabinet lighting and add a quality iron wine cellar door to make the space look stand out.

Don’t ignore the bathroomsDon’t ignore the bathrooms

Homeowners often forget the bathroom when renovating their homes and pass out on the opportunity to make it more comfortable and functional.

Renovate the bathrooms by improving the lighting and ventilation. You can throw some ambient lights to make it cozier and add quality transoms to add more ventilation. Also, avoid installing wooden doors and opt for the quality iron door as they are highly resistant and strong.

A fresh coat of paint to finish things off!A fresh coat of paint to finish things off!

Finally, give your home a fresh coat of paint. You can either go for a sophisticated look and use a monochromatic palette or opt for bright colors, depending on your interest. Just make sure you cover the furniture, fixture and fittings, and all the items properly.

Moreover, properly cover the doorknobs and door handles, particularly if you’ve installed the new ones to prevent the paint from ruining their grace.

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