Decorative Doors That Match Your Personality. What Do They Say About You?

What’s in a door, you might ask.

A lot, we’d argue.

For example, did you know that the doors you chose for a space say a lot about your personality?

Whether they’re bright, loud, and beautiful or subtle and elegant, they serve as statement elements in house décor and interior design—in fact, they can make or break it. As the primary introduction to your space, they are also the first impression that is made on anyone entering or looking at it.

Certain colors and designs are associated with particular personality traits; for example, your cool neighbor with the glossy black door may be devoted to a sense of class and luxury. Or maybe you, with your chirpy yellow one, see the positive side of things.Your best friend with their timeless olive front door is probably a super calm person.

Whatever your personality is, when it comes to doors, the options are endless. So if you’re looking for a new one, here are some of our top picks. If you’ve already selected your favorite one, let’s get into what it says about your personality!

A Classy Deep Blue Door

A Classy Deep Blue Door

If you’ve picked a deep blue front door, you’re probably someone who loves calm, peaceful environments.

You have a definite set of values and morals that you don’t like overstepping. You’re grounded and are strictly dedicated to your principles.

The inside of your house is likely to be speckled with gentle elements like scented candles, family heirlooms, and ginger spice jars.

But none of that means that you’re a boring person. In fact, you make an absolutely wicked Bloody Mary.

A Fun-Loving Yellow Entrance

A morning person through and through! You’re chirpy and positive, and fun to be around. Who needs caffeine with your personality?

Your house gives off the most cheerful vibe, and is a likely a happy place to live in, with lots of light coming in, the most interesting accent colors, and bright statement elements.

You lead the good life. You’re the kind of person who’d say ‘have a great day’ to people passing by, compliment someone’s choice of running shoes or cellphone cover on your morning walk, and stop in your tracks to pet a pup.

Friends love your positive energy and come to you often when they feel down and need something cheery in their lives.

The Romantic Pink Cottage Door

The Romantic Pink Cottage Door

You have the perfect fairytale vibe; hopelessly romantic, thoughtful, generous and very caring. You’re the kind of friend who will always be there in times of need and will not leave a person until the problem has passed.

You’re kind of person who appreciates the simple things in life, like a bouquet of flowers, good morning texts, and fresh basil.

You have a very nurturing soul and family gatherings mean a lot to you.

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