Design Elements You Need to Add to Your Washington Home (Hint: Entry Doors Are More Important Than You’d Think)

Washington homeowners love following the latest home design trends. If you wish to revamp your home this summer, here are a few design elements you should consider including in your home.

Biophilic Designs

Gone are the days when greenery was reserved for outdoor spaces alone. Today, Washington homeowners actively seek spaces with biophilic designs, bringing natural elements into their homes.

If you love nature and want to connect more deeply with it, this is a great way to go about your home design plan. Most biophilic designs include indoor plants and integrated spaces connecting the outdoors with the indoors. Popular design elements include green walls, green roofs, potted plants, and hanging plants. Some houses are even architecturally designed in a way to allow for an inclusion of greenery and interconnected spaces.

Additionally, biophilic designs include other additional elements such as wooden textures or bamboo furniture. Incorporating daylight into the home design is also a popular feature and can easily be done using steel doors with glass panels at strategic entry points in the floor plan.

Modern Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are among the most common upgrades homeowners opt for. Both of these spaces are among the most widely used and exhibited spaces in a house. They’re frequented by the house’s occupants as well as guests. Many Washington homes even have guest bathrooms reserved exclusively for visitors. Unsurprisingly, homeowners want their kitchens and bathrooms to look welcoming and adhere to the latest trends.

If your indoor space looks like it could do with some redecorating to get a modern touch, there are plenty of options for you. For instance, you can revamp the lighting and add modern fixtures. Adding modern shelving or cabinetry also goes a long way in revamping the look of your kitchens and bathrooms. Other common upgrades include modern floor and wall tiles, marble counters, minimalistic designs, and upgraded faucets and electrical fixtures.  

Multiple Textures

Another popular design element to incorporate into your Washington home is different textures. It doesn’t matter what kind of architectural style your home has; you can still include several textures in your space.

a decorated indoor space

For example, adding textured wallpaper to a modern living room design can add depth to the area. Alternately, you can add a brick wall in a vintage room or in your hallway. Paired with the right type of flooring material and furnishing in the room, they’ll enhance the space and make it look more welcoming.

Similarly, play around with the wall tiles, floor tiles, and countertop textures when designing your kitchen. Even matte cabinets and/or steel fixtures can help highlight these bold textural elements. For seating, include different kinds of fabrics to add versatility. Your living room sofa doesn’t need to have the same fabric as the chairs in your dining area. You can also add rugs or blinds to empty spaces to add versatility and bring them to life. Get creative!

Neutral Colors

As popular as bold color palettes are, you might want to stick to neutral tones for the majority of your home design. Bold and bright colors look good when used as accents, but can overpower the interior décor otherwise. On the other hand, neutral colors emphasize your decorative elements and furniture, making them stand out.

iron doors

Another great reason to use neutral colors is that they complement all kinds of lighting. They work well against natural and artificial lighting. Moreover, neutral tones also help make the space look more spacious, well-lit, and comfortable, adding to their popularity. You don’t necessarily need to go monotone. You can still create accents with neutral colors and palettes.

Layered Lighting

Speaking of lighting, here’s another great tip for you: go for layered lighting. In other words, include more than one kind of lighting fixture in a space in order to adjust the lighting as per your mood. This allows you to create a new ambiance by simply adjusting the light switches.

Not every room needs layered lighting. For instance, you can continue with the main light in the storeroom or even the bathroom. However, bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens should have bright and dim lighting. You can use various kinds of light fixtures to balance your space, such as hanging lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers, and spotlights. Table lamps are another great option. Make sure you don’t overdo things!

Landscape Renovations

Don’t forget about your outdoor space! Your Washington home can benefit from multiple landscape renovations, such as pavement upgrades, roofing repairs, patio renovations, and lawn décor. Since your landscape is the first thing visitors and passersby see when they approach your house, making the right landscape renovations can go a long way in creating stellar first impressions.

Don’t just make renovations for the sake of it. Think carefully of your landscape’s aesthetic appeal and how you can enhance it. Start with the crucial repairs and gradually move toward the aesthetic elements.

Steel & Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Last but not least, make sure you get new entry doors for your home. More specifically, get steel doors and wrought iron doors for your home.a furnished room

Steel doors make for the perfect entry doors because of their versatility. They have slim and sleek frames that blend perfectly with home décor elements. You can essentially add a steel entry door to pretty much any room and witness how it transforms the space.

Similarly, wrought iron doors are also popular in residential architecture. They comprise intricate scrollwork that gives them a more vintage look. You can also get matte black iron doors if you wish to have entry doors without glass panels.

Steel and iron entry doors come in various styles. From pivot iron doors to steel sliding doors, the options are endless!

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