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Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States—named after George Washington. The state is the 13th most populated one in the country, with a majority of the residents living in the Seattle metropolitan area, which is the center of business, industry, and transportation.

A vast amount of the state consists of mountain ranges and temperate rainforests, allowing the state to take its place as the top producer of lumber in the USA. Just like its landscape, the architecture in Washington State is uniquely diverse. This Evergreen State boasts a wide variety of architectural designs ranging from rustic and craftsman to elaborate Italian Renaissance Revival designs.

The most prominent style in Washington is a rustic design making use of heavy logs and wooden logs, as well as oversized mezzanine halls with large exposed beams. However, the cities have a rather different aesthetic! Geometric, decorative buildings show off the Art Deco style that is beloved by locals, while the peninsula has a large number of Victorian homes that have become enmeshed with more modern styles.

Whether you live in the midst of the bustling city or in a villa bordering one of the state’s many forests, you can make your unique home even more beautiful with wrought iron doors and steel doors!  

Pinky’s Iron Doors is delivering high-quality front doors and interior doors all around Washington!

Doors are like the frames of a house—they can either pull the whole look together in a quiet and subtle way or be the center of attention in every room. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for different ways to add value to your home, or you simply want to enjoy a new aesthetic in your home, one of the best ways to change things up is by getting wrought iron and steel doors such as steel sliding doors, steel patio doors, or iron French doors.

Did you know that one of the first things that a visitor notices about your home is the front door? Its material, style, texture, and design provide a glimpse into the rest of your home’s design, and the interior doors only help to further create a comprehensive style that fits your personal aesthetic.

If you want to provide a sophisticated and sleek first impression of your home, steel and iron doors are the ultimate solution! These low-maintenance and highly durable doors are available in a wide variety of styles that are perfect for every home. Here are some of the best doors that Pinky’s can provide!

Entry doors

Entry doors are more important than people tend to realize. Iron doors have been in use for centuries until they got overtaken by other materials in the 19th century’s industrial revolution. They’ve been rising in the ranks of popularity once again as people have started going back to high-quality and long-lasting materials which are also better for the environment.

The right entry door can be a big boost for your home’s curb appeal! Old and worn-out doors can bring down your home’s overall appearance, as well as its resale value. Our steel and iron doors are available in a wide variety of designs as well as several different finishes—just tell us what you want, and our creative designers will turn your dream door into reality!

Our doors are usually available in oil-rubbed bronze or black, but we can provide custom colors depending on your needs. From gorgeous silver pewter to a vintage heavy bronze, we’ve got the perfect colors to help your iron door match the rest of your house’s décor.

If you want to let in some extra light into your entryway, you can opt for some gorgeous sidelights and transoms! Fill up the empty space above and beside your iron door bask in the benefits of the additional natural light in your home. They’re perfect for adding some extra height to your entry door along with some extra curb appeal. We’ve got a ton of beautiful designs in stock, such as modern metal or Mediterranean styles. You can also get it customized according to your personal preferences.

Patio doors

French doors are a popular style of patio door that opens and closes in the middle, with two sections pivoting from hinges that are mounted on either side of a door frame. The sections are imbued with glass panes, making this style of door extremely popular for patios, balconies, and interiors. They let in a vast amount of natural light into any room and create a wide, symmetrical opening.

We have a wide variety of glass options for your French or Dutch door! If you want a clear view of the great outdoors, you can opt for our Low-E option. If you want to maintain some privacy, a distortion or frost glass is the way to go! We will take your needs and preferences into consideration, so you have complete control of the grade of privacy for any door in the house—from rear iron patio French doors to sliding and accordion doors.

Our cold weather doors consist of Polyurethane dual foam weather stripping on the inside of the frame, helping you reduce the transfer of heat and maintaining your home's temperature.

Interior doors

Pocket doors are a beloved interior door design perfect for saving space. Similar to a sliding door, they slide along a track to open or close; however, these ‘disappear’ into a hidden space inside the wall to create a clear transition between rooms. They’re perfect for homes with more modern décor, as pocket doors help maintain an uncluttered look.

Other interior doors that will be perfect for your home are office doors, sliding doors, pantry doors, and wine cellar doors.

Most of our iron doors are made using 12-gauge material that is far above the standard in the industry. The higher the gauge, the stronger and thicker the door—you can choose the level of thickness you require according to your security concerns and the design of your home.

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Pinky’s Iron Doors has decades of experience manufacturing and designing high-quality doors in Washington. Along with steel door Washington and iron door Washington , we also provide NFRC rated steel windows to help beautify your home even further!

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