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With its natural wonders, early progressive ideas, and fast-paced development, Wyoming has always been a place of wonder and opportunities.

Being the fifth coldest state in the US, Wyoming has a harsh winter climate. That's not all; there are several things under its wings. The harsh weather climate of the state is probably the reason why Wyoming has the lowest population in all of the 50 states in the United States. Despite such a low population count, many people are still trying to settle in Wyoming due to the various opportunities.

Wyoming is one of the first states in the United States that granted women the right to vote and practice freedom. The liberating state has its share of rich cultural and heritage importance. The country's first-ever female governor was also elected in Wyoming. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Wyoming has always been light-years ahead of its time.

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Wyoming has always been a popular choice for celebrity-centric real estate investment. Tiger Woods, Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, Charles Schwab, Dick Cheney, and many more had real estate in Jackson Hole on different occasions. Values of houses in Wyoming are rising, while the market and prices are skyrocketing. Known for its natural beauty, Wyoming often attracts long-term real estate investments from people looking for a break from urban life.

Once you acquire a residence in Wyoming, altering it to your liking is understandable. Many people opt to change the exterior and interior colors of the house, replace furniture, and break down or build up a wall. Instead of such high-budget changes, you can incorporate a few new iron doors to change the overall look of your property.

Finding the right types of iron and steel doors in Wyoming might be a little tricky; that's why we're here. At Pinky's Iron Doors, you can find a wide variety of interior and exterior doors you can choose from. If you're looking for some of our best products, here are some types of iron and steel doors for you to choose from!

Office Iron Doors

The world has seen a rapid increase in companies opting for work-from-home policies, giving rise to the need to create office spaces within the house. If you've got a house that has an office space or a study room that requires seclusion, then getting a hold of Pinky's office iron doors might be the upgrade your house requires.

If you're a parent taking care of the children while you work from home, getting an office iron door with glass panels will help you maintain your work zone while keeping an eye on the children in the adjoining TV room.

Wine Cellar Doors

Many people have a collection of selective and exquisite wines that they tend to keep in a wine cellar. When people with the same interests visit, there is often a wine cellar tour. Imagine having a stylish entrance door to your wine cellar. At Pinky's, we have a great collection of wine cellar doors in both steel and iron. Whether you want a sliding iron door for your wine cellar or a black steel door, we have it all.

You can choose from several available iron door designs or get a custom wrought iron door. Match it with the interior of the rest of your house, and make your Wyoming property twice as attractive as before.

Doors with Sidelights

Your choices aren't just limited to interior doors; you can always opt for a great front iron door. Most front doors don't allow a lot of light to pass through. Therefore you either need to leave your hallways dark or have extra lights installed to have them properly lit. In such a situation, you no longer have to worry. With Pinky's wrought iron doors with sidelights, you can finally have a well-lit hallway.

The door has insulated features that keep temperatures under control; while the sidelights give enough natural light the space to light up the hallways.

Thermally Broken Iron Doors

Thermally broken iron doors are a great option for entry doors. They are made specially to make sure the weather outside does not disturb the climate within the house. With such extreme winters in Wyoming, opting for a thermally broken iron door might be the perfect choice for you!

At Pinky's, the thermally broken iron doors come in several different designs that you can choose from. Our iron and steel doors make your front entrance an impressionable one.

Dutch Doors

If you're renovating your house in Wyoming, try changing the kitchen backdoor to a stylish Dutch iron door. These doors have proven to be extremely functional and a great addition to the interior of your house. Dutch-style iron doors are usually split in the middle, and you can open one or both door halves.

These are extremely handy if you have young children or pets you want to keep indoors, all the while letting in some fresh air.


Accordion, or bi-fold iron and steel doors Wyoming, is a favorite for many customers trying to remodel their patio areas. If you're looking for a similar addition, opt for Pinky's bi-fold iron doors. These are extremely stylish and are available in several designs. They can be a good choice for just about everything, whether you want to close off the patio for a private dinner in the lounge or if you want to expand the living area into the patio and the backyard. Bi-fold steel and iron doors Wyoming are the choice you need to be making today!

Wyoming is a state that is extremely low on population. Still, there are numerous people waiting to settle down in the natural beauty of Wyoming. If you're someone who has just bought a house in Wyoming or someone who is looking to remodel an old one – then try opting for Pinky's Iron Doors. We have a wide variety of iron and steel doors that can completely transform your overall Wyoming residence. For more information, get in touch with our team.


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