Designing a Custom Iron Door? Here Are 3 Tips to Help You Get Started

When you want to give your home a personal touch, there’s rarely anything better than ushering your guests indoors with a self-designed wrought iron door. When they ask where you got it from, you can proudly say that the style is an original. However, designing a custom iron door isn’t a piece of cake. You’ll have to choose the color, form and texture that suits your home’s architecture and doesn’t overpower it.

Here are some tips from the meticulous door designers at Pinky’s Iron Doors to help you get started on the wrought iron door designing project:


Think about function

First things first: Take a look at your current front door and list down the features you’d want to improve. Does your current door provide full security? Is it sturdy? Is it decorative enough for your taste? These questions will help you understand the features you’d like to see most in your custom wrought iron door.

Some of the first questions our door designing team asks clients looking for customized options include the symmetry, privacy, decoration and security of the wrought iron door. Would you like to have a single iron door or a double iron door? What effects should the glass have? Should the glass be clear or opaque? Do you want the iron door to serve as a visual deterrent to burglars?

Having a clear idea of these features will help you move on to the next step.

Define the aesthetics

Whether you want a sleek and stylish wrought iron door or a contemporary rustic outfit, this is your time to unleash the inner artist. Take inspiration from other iron door designs and pay attention to detail. You can browse through magazines, observe the iron doors in your neighborhood, search online or come up with a completely new idea.

Once you take control of customizing your wrought iron front door, there’s no turning back. Some crucial elements that you should pay attention to include the size, shape, layout and metalwork of your wrought iron entry door.

Pick up a measuring tape and calculate the space needed for your dream iron door. Next, decide on a shape and move to the features you’d like to incorporate such as the glass panels and door handles. Finally, choose wrought iron patterns you’d like to see on your door.


Don’t forget the finishing touches

You haven’t fully exhausted the customizing options yet. Give your custom wrought iron door some finishing touches by incorporating tinted, frosted or stained glass of your choice. You can choose from a whole range of colors to give your iron entry door a seamless feel.

Start working on your custom iron door today

If you’ve been looking for a renowned steel and iron door manufacturer to help you create the custom iron door of your dreams, reach out to us. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we have a team of highly trained designers to bring your visualizations to life.

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