Did You Get Left Home Alone This Christmas? If So, Make Sure You Have A Wrought Iron Door You Filthy Animal!

Ever since its debut in 1990, Home Alone has become a part of the Christmas movie-watching experience. But instead of focusing on a morally uplifting tale that has a heartwarming message—as most Christmas stories do—it focuses on a rather upsetting story of how a family forgets to take their kid on a holiday trip, and the 8-year-old is left to protect himself and the house from two burglars.

Despite what the hilarious booby traps and instances of ingenuity from Kevin and the humor and absolute dimwittedness of the burglars add to the movie, the subtext is loud and clear: Don’t forget your kids, and upgrade your security systems!

The movie leads to a Chicago home being transformed into a horror house with traps that are nothing short of spectacular.

As funny as it is to watch the burglars try to make their way past the traps, the movie did leave us with some important security lessons. Here’s a look.

Some Important Security Lessons From Home Alone

Some Important Security Lessons From Home Alone

We loved, rejoiced, and cherished every laugh the movie gave us, but the fact that the entire situation could have turned out differently—if only some very basic security measures had been taken—is an issue most people don’t talk about.

For example, getting a security system or motion sensors to minimize the risk of someone getting inside the house. Or systems that alert the authorities immediately.

But the main security lesson in the movie was to switch your entry door to a modern iron door that will keep bad guys away and improve the security of your home by a great deal.

How Wrought Iron Doors Increase Security

How Wrought Iron Doors Increase Security

Wrought iron is made of high-quality steel which is super strong and highly durable. The welded construction also makes it harder to break apart. Even weak spots can be welded with a second joint to improve security.

One more thing to keep in mind about wrought iron doors is that while they add significantly to the security of your house, they do not take away anything from curb appeal or the aesthetic beauty. In fact, they enhance it.

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