Keep The Discounts You Filthy Animal! Take Advantage Of Our Steel And Iron Security Door Deals

Remember Home Alone, the movie we were all obsessed with in our childhood? The one with the cute but super smart kid who gets left in his house over Christmas as his family leaves to celebrate the holidays?

Over the years, the movie has accumulated a massive fan base and has inspired many pranks and booby traps. One of the most hilarious pranks was when Kevin waited for Harry and Marv on the other side of the door with a BB gun, and shoots them on the forehead, catching them by surprise.

Even though the scene is not ‘medically accurate,’ it has encouraged a lot of people to keep BB guns, just in case a dimwitted burglar tries to outsmart them.

It is, however, not recommended to keep a BB gun. Especially if you have next to zero shooting experience.

This is why we have a better alternative: a mighty wrought iron door. Here are all the reasons why an iron security door is an exponentially better alternative.

It Won’t Let Thieves In, Period.

Steel And Iron Security Door

Why wait till burglars are inside your home to take protective measures? Why not prevent them from making it inside in the first place? Doors—strong ones—play a very important role here.

They keep burglars out and may even keep them from attempting a burglary in most cases.

Wrought iron security doors are incredibly robust, and unlike wood, they can’t be broken down easily. Even weak spots can be welded with an additional joint to level-up security.

So, any thieves will quickly realize that they can’t get in—even before they try.

Remains Sturdy Forever

Most materials aren’t immune to the effects of weather conditions; rain or snow can weaken most doors and gates over time.

Remember what we talked about above? Weak and rusting doors act as backdoors—they’re an invitation to burglars.

Along with being strong and robust, a door needs to be resistant to weather conditions, blunt force, and rust.

Wrought iron is made from a stronger material than wood or fiberglass, enabling it to withstand all kinds of weather conditions without being affected—for as long as a lifetime.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we have a wide collection of premium-quality doors to choose from, including thermally broken doors, wrought iron doors, steel doors, and more. Get in touch with us today and make a selection before the stock runs out!

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