Glass Styles To Complement Your Wrought Iron Door

Whether you’re looking for privacy or looking to show off your home, we have the right glass options for you. 

From our private frost glass option to the several distortion glass options, as well as our clear, Low-E option, we make it easy to choose a glass to compliment your new metal entry door. 

No matter if it’s for you rear iron patio french doors or your steel front entry door, you get to choose which grade of privacy and style best fits your project. Here are some of our best selections to complement your luxury wrought iron door. 


Our newest glass option, Flemish Glass, is one that we feel is going to be a major hit. Its a wavelike pattern throughout the entirety of the glass produces a privacy distortion without being visually loud. Light still transmits through the waves, and the lack of business still allows for a very clean look. Not impressed? Come take a peek at our showroom to see all we have to offer today.


With a “retro-esk” look, our Rainbow Glass offers extreme privacy, and with its horizontal lines running through the entire glass pane, this is the most distorted glass in the Pinky’s selection.

Ford Blue 

Our new Ford Blue glass is an excellent option if you are looking to let a bit less light in with some privacy. A tinted glass option with a mirror finish, Ford Blue is a great compliment to one of our more modern Air doors, providing the same clean look with added privacy.


One of our most popular distortion glass options, our Rain Glass simulates rain falling vertically down the glass. This vertical pattern causes a distortion within the glass, which acts as a visual privacy barrier. Although it does add privacy, our Rain Glass option still allows for light to shine through, making it the best of both worlds.


Our Low E Glass option was made with your pockets in mind. This energy-efficient glass is clear, see-through glass that allows less heat into the home than a standard clear glass option. What does this mean for you? Less money spent on your electric bill on those hot summer days. While this glass is clear, the sunlight causes a reflective look on the exterior.


The most private glass in our selection, our Frost Glass allows for near full privacy, only allowing a silhouette to be seen on either side. If privacy is your main concern, you definitely cannot go wrong with our Frost glass option, available for order on any of our Pinky’s Iron Door designs.


Our Aquatex Glass option is another popular, semi-private glass that allows for privacy along with light. It’s small, cube-like textured pattern give the glass an almost matte look, while still allowing for light to shine through. 


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