Top 5 Iron Doors That Supply Optimal Natural Sunlight In A Home

The exterior of your home is only the beginning of style and ambiance. 

Picking the right exterior additions for a home is an important aspect when contemplating how it will affect a home’s interior design and look. Lighting is extremely important in these realms, especially natural sunlight. Natural sunlight not only adds beauty and value to space but also has many health and home wellness benefits. 

Here at Pinky’s Iron Doors, we pay special attention to how a luxury wrought iron doors design plays to the interior feel of a home. Our designs take into consideration the importance of natural sunlight and are perfectly designed to create the most hospitable and welcoming of spaces

From the front landing to the epicenter of your home, these are 5 of our most popular wrought iron doors and window designs that allow natural sunlight to add value and beauty in a home or office space. 


A good way to set the tone, add value or curb appeal to your home is to add an elegant, unique and secure Dutch iron door.

This door already comes readily equipped with a large glass frame allowing a good amount of natural sunlight to bleed in. On those especially nice days a little sun never hurt anyone. This door has the option to open completely in its top hemisphere, bringing all outside elements and sunlight into the home. Space feels less “cooped up”. 

This option is perfect for homeowners with pets or small children as the lower half can stay closed and acts as a barricade. The dutch iron door is the perfect front entry door to enjoy the outdoors and sunlight while inducing a more open feel to an interior fron entry space. 

Buying and installing a Dutch iron door to your home not only adds a sense of security and luxury, but it’s also a smart economic investment. Wrought iron doors durability, security and overall impressive look rope in home buyers to spend more and see higher value in a well-equipped home.


Pocket doors are especially convenient when it comes to space and clearance and some homeowners simply get them because they love the style. They are perfect for transparency and natural sunlight in an outside space. Pocket doors can take over an entire wall or corner of a home and are impressively large windows to the outside world. 

Depending on the design of your home, these pocket doors can solve many problems. In tight spaces for small bathrooms, a pocket door solves the problem of limited clearance space taken up by a standard swinging door. For rooms in which space is premium, a pocket door gives optimal space for furniture, art or storage.

Some homeowners simply prefer the elegant, streamlined look and feel of pocket doors — especially stylish glass pocket doors — and opt to use them for that reason.


Have a large wall you need to fill?

Luxury steel french doors are an easy, yet efficient way to make any room or backyard stand out. These doors are also referred to as “French Windows”. Add multiple black steel french doors side by side for a wall to wall glass effect, this truly opens up your space with natural sunlight. Pinky’s steel factory style french doors with grids also work great as patio doors or even front simple black steel doors.

The primary function of a French door is its aesthetic features. French doors can create a dramatic impact on your home by interconnecting your indoor and outdoor living spaces. With the addition of this type of door. Elegant design and window transparency give your home a much more open feel.


Looking for that ever so popular indoor/outdoor feeling?

Bi-fold or accordion doors are perfect rear patio iron door for those who like to entertain. They offer luxury, expansive light, and a unique accordion opening method that is sure to impress guests or home buyers and these doors are perfect when it comes time to throw that indoor/outdoor party you’ve always dreamed of.

A steel bi-fold door with simple horizontal bars results in the perfect combination of classic and contemporary. With a subtle touch of old-world charm, Pinky’s accordion steel design is truly distinct.

Pinky’s Iron Doors steel windows and doors Air Collection is designed with contemporary and minimalist homes in mind. The modern steel window and doors within this collection aim for the linear over the organic, and feature sleek and simple designs and hardware that truly stand out. These beautiful and modern steel doors have been used as patio doors, and even as steel room dividers.

Doors With Sidelights & Transoms 

Have extra space above or to the side of your front door? 

Our entry iron doors with sidelights and/or metal transoms are perfect for extending glass space and adding natural sunlight in a home. These sidelights or transoms add a little more elegance and grandeur to a standard metal door. These additions work for all doors, including wine cellar doors, garden doors, and many others. They complement the design of the door perfectly and are sure to add home value and natural sunlight to an interior space. 

Adding size to your front wrought iron door allows for more light, making an entryway seem larger and brighter. With both stock and custom wrought iron door options, in both modern and Mediterranean metal door designs, Pinky’s Iron Doors can help find the front iron door or steel patio door that will be perfect for you.

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