Elevate Your Home with Dutch Doors: Exterior Dutch Doors Reign Supreme

One of the goals you may have for your property is to create a cohesive look. Besides decorating the inside of your house, you also want to add a unique flair to the exterior.  That's where an exterior Dutch door comes in.  Featuring the highest-quality materials and an ethereal appearance, exterior Dutch doors make your property stylish and functional. If you're already sold on these breathtaking models, wait till you hear what else they bring to the table.

In this entry, we'll tell you why an exterior Dutch door is an ideal addition to your home. We'll also cover the most important considerations when installing your product to help you make the most of your elegant investment.

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What Is a Dutch Door?

Before we get down to brass tacks, let's first answer a key question: "What exactly are Dutch doors?"

A Dutch door (aka half door or double-hung door) is a horizontally split door with two halves. The upper portion can open freely, allowing fresh air and sunlight to reinvigorate the area. At the same time, the bottom half remains shut and prevents kids or pets from wandering outside. A textbook example of double your pleasure.

As for the name, there isn't a fascinating story behind the choice. They emerged in New England, but they're called Dutch rather than New England doors because they're common in Dutch colonial houses.

And ever since their introduction, Dutch doors have been taking the world by storm. It's no surprise why, considering the practicality in both exterior and interior spaces. Add the extra security for children, and it's clear why many homeowners go head over heels for these entry doors.

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Why Install an Exterior Dutch Door

You may already have an idea of why it makes sense to have a modern Dutch door. For example, adding it to your laundry rooms turns from an otherwise generic area into a great-looking place. It does the same in the rest of your home, including the living room and bedroom.

But installed outside your property, Dutch doors take on even greater importance. Here's why you won't find a better option for an entry door:

Reason 1 - Creating a Unique Exterior

Your property may make heads turn as is, but why not amplify this effect with a breathtaking addition? Several improvements come to mind, but none is as impressive and practical as a Dutch door.

Think about it - when did you last see a home with this type of exterior door? Chances are, no property in the vicinity has opted for this style. So, why not be the first one to upgrade your dwelling?

Once your single or double Dutch door is in place, the outside world will be even more envious of your abode. You'll also add a ton of character to your house with a distinct texture that lets you abandon regular (often bland) door styles.

Many people believe a Dutch door won't fit their property, but that's not the case if you work with a reliable manufacturer. For example, PINKY has provided countless Southern California households with mesmerizing Dutch doors.

The best part about our services is that they're customizable. Have a special vision in your mind? Just give us the basics, and we'll determine the ideal style for your home. door jamb

Once installed, you'll be one step closer to having a one-of-a-kind property.

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Reason 2 - Create a Striking Design

Does your home have just one or two colors? For example, the facade might be white and the roof black. This can be an interesting contemporary look, but it also gets old pretty quickly.

Exterior Dutch (double-hung) doors are your life jacket.

Available in an array of colors, they help you break the monotony of bleak designs and standard finishes. Satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and pewter are just some of the textures that help create a mesmerizing look and make you even more proud of your property.

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Reason 3 - Make the Property Brighter and More Functional

Some doors are all style and no substance. For instance, your existing door may look fantastic, but it might not be practical.

Dutch half doors offer a way out.

Once you install your own Dutch door, you'll no longer be held back by traditional products. You'll be able to open and close each part of the door separately, which can't be said for standard doors.

Also, Dutch doors eliminate the need to make tradeoffs between lighting and security. Need to ventilate the area without opening your entire door? Dutch doors enable just that.

You need only open the top portion of your door. Sun rays will freshen things up, and you won't have to worry about outside critters entering your place.

And you know what more sunlight means for your family. That's right - it puts less strain on your eyes than artificial light sources. On top of that, it reduces the need to use your bulbs during the day, which helps lower your electricity bills.

No standard doors offer this kind of versatility and keep your home safe from various critters. That's why even the most basic Dutch front door stands head and shoulders above these products.

Reason 4 - Enhance Safety

Let's assume you haven't upgraded to exterior Dutch doors yet. It's a pleasant sunny day, and the air conditioning isn't working. You want some sunlight and fresh air, so you open your front door. Mission accomplished.

But now you have to keep a watchful eye over your kids so they don't go out to the street.

Dutch exterior doors are the light at the end of the tunnel.

As previously discussed, they feature a horizontal cut that divides the unit into two fully functional areas. You can safely open the top door while the lower door remains closed.

This way, plenty of fresh air circulates throughout the place. Plus, you don't have to worry about your young ones leaving the property because the lower half block their exit. It's an easy yet practical way to keep your children safely inside.

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Reason 5 - Enjoy Endless Versatility

Stunning. Elegant. Functional. Versatile.

Those are the key features you look for in your Dutch doors, and versatility is especially important. After all, why buy a product that's only available in one style or suits one purpose?

Besides mounting it as a main entry solution, you may also decide to use your model as a side entry for family members. Or, it can be the entry door to your garage you always dreamed of.

Dutch doors check all the boxes.

No matter the gap you want to fill in your home, you can do so with a superb Dutch door. Need a model in the barn door style for your entryway or access to a back deck? A Dutch door is your go-to pick.

Likewise, don't forget that the other name for Dutch doors is stable doors. A stable door mounted on the outside of your home adds a unique countryside flair to your property. When you fulfill your Dutch door dreams, you'll get a Southern California home that looks like those quaint yet charming dwellings in Spanish and Italian villages.

To top it all off, it works like a regular stable door that protects farm animals. There's special hardware that lets you open the top half and keep the bottom half closed. Whether you're looking for additional protection from intruders or more natural light, a Dutch door/stable door is at your beck and call.

Reason 6 - Upgrade Your Property with Top-shelf Materials

Sure, an exterior Dutch door is eye-catching and produces an incredible aesthetic effect. Does this mean elegance is the only reason you should have this type of door in your house?

Not by any stretch of the imagination.

The advantages go beyond the visuals, and one of the most significant perks is the materials. The three primary options are steel, fiberglass, and solid wood. Let's delve into the basics of each solution.


Fiberglass doors are elegant and tough as nails. They have a robust core that can endure pretty much anything you throw at it.

Complementing their durability is their low-maintenance design. Stubborn stains are not that big of a problem with fiberglass, and you need only wipe the door down from time to time.


Looking for a stylish yet super-strong door? Why not give steel doors a try? Unlike some other solutions, they're virtually immune to fire damage. Plus, they're less prone to scratches.

As for the aesthetics, it's hard to find fault with steel doors. Exterior and interior Dutch doors finished with satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze are especially beautiful.

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors have reigned the door industry for many decades. It's easy to see why many consider them superior, given their stylish designs and durability. An exterior or interior Dutch door made of this material can resist tremendous outside force. What's more, these models are available in a variety of finishes.

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Reason 7 - You Can Complement Your Product with a Screen Door

Dutch doors feature a split door (half door) design. Nevertheless, that's not the only factor that makes them flexible. We also promote their versatility because you can pair them up with virtually any addition, like screens.

There are many selling points of retractable screens, but one of the biggest benefits is that they're easy to install. A well-trained professional shouldn't need more than an hour to prop them up.

Another reason people install screened doors is the safety factor. Like with standard single or double Dutch doors, the bottom portion works as a fully functional baby gate. It allows you to open the upper section of your exterior or interior doors and get some fresh air without thinking your little one will get out of your home.

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Reason 8 - Sliding Barn Doors Are Spellbinding and Practical

Back in the day, you couldn't find as many Dutch door models as today. Most of the products were either regular door solutions or pre-hung doors. Their functionality was scarce, too.

Modern breakthroughs have revolutionized the industry. You can now find a wide range of Dutch door products, such as sliding doors. They look like a limited-edition model from a popular furniture magazine. Plus, they're weather-stripped, which increases their lifespan.

Another great thing about these doors is that they require little space to open. Unlike French doors, they don't open inwards or outwards. Instead, they move to the sides in a straight line to help you save space.

Best of all, you get the same perks associated with standard Dutch doors. The top half opens independently, allowing you to keep the door open without compromising child safety.

Reason 9 - Rest Your Hands or Food on an Integrated Shelf

Dutch door hardware can comprise an array of items, some of which can be mounted after the installation of your door. For instance, many manufacturers offer an optional shelf. But why in the world would you need a shelf on your barn door?

Actually, there are quite a few reasons.

First, suppose you've ordered a product from Amazon, and the delivery person has reached your address. You need to sign a few papers to receive the item, which can take some time. A shelf on your Dutch door enables you to sign these documents more quickly and eliminates the need to invite the delivery person inside your place.

And second, you can place food on this convenient unit and let it cool. You've just baked a delicious apple pie, and you want it to rest gently, not in your fridge or freezer. A shelf on your Dutch door is a perfect alternative because it features plenty of airflow.

Reason 10 - Raise the Value of Your Place

Your home is your castle, but who knows what your life plans may involve five or 10 years from now? You may decide to move out and look for another house.

Embarking on a new adventure is thrilling, but not so fast - you first need to get a great price for your old property.

Exterior doors tie in perfectly with your goal.

Once buyers cast an eye over your Dutch door, who knows - they might not even need to take a look at the rest of the place. Just to be safe, keep reminding them of what makes your Dutch door so good.

Or, let the majestic door speak for itself

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How to Shop for A Dutch Door Like a Pro

Your home might be like many other properties in the area. Most of the features are similar, including the size and roof materials.

However, this doesn't mean you should use the same door as your neighbor. Instead, take three key factors into account to ensure terrific ROI:


What's the first thing you consider when buying jeans? Besides the style, you also need the right size. You don't want a model that's too big and saggy, but you don't want a garment that's too tight.

The buying process is the same when shopping for Dutch doors. Be sure there's enough headroom in the frame for you and the rest of the family to pass through effortlessly.


Are you looking for a Dutch door that will last for more than a decade? If so, steel might be your best option. It's less likely to burn in the event of a fire and isn't susceptible to warping. Plus, there's no need to worry about termite damage.

Steel is also a low-maintenance material. All it takes to keep it looking great is some warm water and detergent recommended by the manufacturer.

However, durability and maintenance aren't everything when discussing Dutch door materials. If you prioritize appearance and stylish textures, solid wood could be a better option. It looks incredible if you can keep moisture and termites at bay, even years after the installation.


It shouldn't take you too long to find a matching color. For instance, you can go with a neutral hue (e.g., black) if you don't need anything fancy. The color is flexible and doesn't clash with the rest of the property.

Other colors are less neutral and only work great in specific situations. For example, you can go with a green door if your facade or roof is green.

Dutch Door Hardware

Standard door hardware generally includes these items:

  • Dutch door latch

  • Deadbolt and key

  • Slide bolt

  • Weatherstripping

  • Rabbet cut

However, you may need additional hardware. If you're mounting a Dutch shelf door, you'll need a corresponding shelf and bolts. Likewise, screened and sliding doors come with other items.

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Safety Features

You shouldn't cut back on security when shopping for your Dutch door. They're already designed with safety and mind, but you can elevate their protective features with a few additions. Security cameras and alarm systems are two of those solutions.

PINKYS Iron Doors Single Flat Dutch Door for Entryway in Black

Upgrade Your Home with a Grandiose Door

Now that there's no doubt as to whether exterior Dutch doors are good for you, all that remains is to find a reliable provider. PINKYS is here for you.

Give us a call or visit our website and explore our rich collection of Dutch doors. Whether you're only interested in exterior models or want an interior door, too, our assortment won't let you down.

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