Exterior French Doors: A San Antonio Homeowner Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to our exterior French doors in San Antonio, there are no bad choices.

There’s the right choice, and then there’s the perfect choice.

Here’s how you can figure out which of our exterior iron French doors will be perfect for your San Antonio home:

1. Space Availability

As with all steel doors and iron doors in San Antonio, the first thing to consider when buying French doors is the amount of space available to you.

The signature open, airy feeling of French doors isn’t limited to double doors only.

For smaller doorways and cozier interiors, a flat or arched single door from our collection — such as the Air 4, Air 5, or Getty — will work perfectly.

2. Size and Scale

Ideal for large doorways, our double doors are designed to impress.

For particularly large doorways, consider buying one of our double iron doors with additional features and detailing.

Many of our most popular French doors are also available in variants with transoms and sidelights, giving them that additional oomph that will fill up larger doorways with no problem.

3. Privacy vs. Visibility

Many of our customers prefer clear glass panes, as they offer maximum light in the interiors even when the doors are closed.

Others opt for sandblasted/frosted glass, which lights up the interiors more subtly, while ensuring privacy at all times.

Then there are the customers who take the middle ground, choosing French doors with movable glass panes. This balances privacy requirements with lighting and ventilation as necessary.

Whatever your preference, we have the perfect iron French doors waiting for you.

4. Design Preferences

Having taken all other things into account, the last thing you must decide is the design of your iron French door.

Here, again, we have plenty of options available.

You may opt for Deco O Double Flat, which combines elements from wrought iron doors in San Antonio with Flemish glass to create an eye-catching design.

You could choose the simple and minimalistic Air Lite, with only the necessary use of iron and maximum use of glass.

You might also consider the Air 4 Double Flat Top with Flat-Top Transom, an iron door that has all the visual appeal and functionality of windows.

Our design consultants work closely with our customers to help them find a design of iron French doors in San Antonio that’s the perfect fit.

Along with our exterior French doors in San Antonio, our extensive product range also enables us to offer wrought iron doors in El Paso, iron doors in West Lake Hills, and steel doors in Houston.

Be sure to check our full product lineup and get in touch with us today to know more about them.


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