3 Things To Know Before Ordering A Custom Wrought Iron Door For Your Lakeway Home

One of the best things you can do to your Lakeway home is add wrought iron doors to it. An iron front door makes a great first impression on guests, and iron interior doors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space. You can customize these doors as per your requirements, and revamp your home.

Before you order a custom wrought iron door, though, here’s what you should look out for.


Wrought iron doors exist in different colors. Traditionally, they’re painted a dark color, but lighter and neutral shades are available as well. If you ask us, though, we highly recommend opting for black iron doors over any other variety.

 black wrought iron front door

There’s just something so classy about black interior and exterior wrought iron doors that give them an edge over all other color combinations. They complement all types of home styles and can easily be used for modern, vintage, minimalistic, or contemporary home designs. The sleekness of the black texture not only makes the iron doors stand out, but also adds a touch of elegance to the surroundings. Whether you choose to insert black wrought iron doors in your home’s main entryway, your patio, or for one of the interior spaces, they’ll blend in perfectly.


Another thing you should keep in mind when placing an order for your custom wrought iron door is the type of swing you want it to have. This refers to the direction in which the iron door opens. The four types of swing are:

  • Right Hand In Swing
  • Left Hand In Swing
  • Right Hand Out Swing
  • Left Hand Out Swing

In swing iron doors open inside the house. These are typically used as front doors or exterior doors. Out swing iron doors open outside the house. They’re commonly used as patio doors or interior doors. If the door handle is placed toward the right side and the door swings from right to left, it’s a left hand in/out swing door. Similarly, if the handle is on the left and the door swings from left to right, it’s a right hand in/out swing door.

Make sure you carefully select the type of in swing or out swing wrought iron door you want. This mostly depends on your preferences as well as the layout of your house.


Finally, don’t forget about the glasswork. Wrought iron doors are available in various designs, many of which incorporate glass. Some of these iron doors have glass throughout the design, whereas others include glasswork only around the upper portion of the door.

 black iron door with glasswork

Make sure your custom wrought iron door uses tempered dual pane glass. You can also choose your preferred glasswork design when deciding which type of iron door to buy. Consult a professional wrought iron door manufacturing company for comprehensive guidance.

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