Facade Synergy: Choosing the Right Iron Exterior Door

The importance of curb appeal can’t be understated. Whether you live in a large bungalow or a neat little townhouse, you want to make sure that your home looks appealing and well maintained. Good curb appeal can even fetch you a higher price if you want to sell!

Choosing the right door to go with your home’s façade isn’t always easy. These suggestions can help you figure out what kind of iron entry door can work best!


Balancing Warm Stucco and Spanish-Style Homes

If you live in a Spanish-style home, especially if it’s a medium-sized one, it can be a struggle to add modern iron doors to an undeniably traditional type of home. The lower ceilings and walls, as well as the stucco roof, can be hard to pair with wrought iron doors. However, there’s still hope for finding the right iron exterior door.

Try sticking with the oblong, irregular home shape and look for doors that don’t like plain old rectangles. All of our iron doors come in customizations for simple and full arches. This complements the angles of a Spanish-style home, especially if you have arched windows to finish off this look.

Taking the Classic Entryway to the Next Level

When you think of a classic American front porch, what comes to mind? Pillars, a distinct walkway surrounded by freshly cut grass, and of course, a distinguished double iron door to complete the façade. If that’s what your entryway looks like, we’ve got so many choices for you to choose from.

Complement the classic lines and American home trope by adding a pair of iron entry doors that’s heavy on the iron and only has glass as an added detail. With iron-on-iron detailing welded and forged by hand, the Getty or Golden Gate Double Flat are perfect for you! Better yet, if you have a marbled or stone porch — the dark iron will blend in beautifully.

Neutralizing Brick Colors and Texture

Red brick homes or brown multicolored stone walls and flooring can be overwhelming to the eye. Not only are these colors uncommon in homes, but they also take over the senses. Brick and stone are two kinds of materials that can be hard to balance out when it comes to doors. Our modern iron doors are the perfect solution to a bold façade.

The Air 8 Double Flat can offset a stony exterior perfectly. With no detailed wrought iron patterns and a simple front door design, the Air 8 works to add neutral color and shape to a home that already has so much going on with it. We also love how the texture of smooth iron comes together with rugged stone or brick!


All White Home Fronts

Whitewashed homes are classic, especially in states where it’s so hot that you need all the help you can get deterring the sun from heating up your home too much. As we know all too well, white and black are an excellent color combination since both of them offset the other so well.

However, depending on the kind of entryway, roof, and walkway you have to your front door, there’s so much you can do with black iron front doors. You can add a majestic, fully arched one with tons of scrollwork and intricate detailing or limit yourself to a sleek wrought iron door that’s heavy on the straight lines and geometrical shapes.

No matter what your vision is for your home, we have tons of choices in wrought iron entry doors as well as steel windows and doors. Whether you’re looking for iron patio doors or steel French doors, we stock plenty of door types with options for tailoring each product.

We also create completely custom iron doors as well as offer discount iron doors for folks who love to stay economical!


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