Interior Design Styles That Pair Well with Steel and Iron Doors

Considering a remodel to whip your home’s interior into shape? There are so many types of iron and steel doors that work with a range of interior design styles that you can implement in your home.

Read on to get the full guide on our favorite interior design styles and the iron and steel doors that work perfectly with them!


Modern Interiors

Unlike what most people think, minimalist and modern homes aren’t the same thing. Modern homes peaked in the early 2010s, with a focus on technology, somber color palettes, and sleek furniture. No chaise sofas and classically large dining tables to be found in modern design!

Modern doors also focus on metallics, with techniques like having sleek shiny appliances in the house. That’s why modern iron doors are a perfect fit for a modern home. With a streamlined structure and clean-cut patterns, wrought iron doors from the Air Series are a perfect match with no-fuss modern interior design.

French Country Design

French country homes are a unique cross between mid-century American interior design and European ornamental looks. Think farmhouse, but one belonging to a landowner rather than a mere farmer. With worn classical furniture, plenty of warm fabrics, and a sloped ceiling, you want to go fully rustic here.

That’s where our Dutch doors and barn steel doors will work beautifully. Get them customized in bronze to match the general yellow tones of a French Country interior and see how well they work together!

Scandinavian Innovation

Scandinavian design, while native to Nordic countries, is new to American interior design culture. This style emphasizes contemporary art-like forms and colors while bringing in the simplicity of natural elements like stone and fabric. The key here is to use different elements in surprising ways rather than what we do traditionally.

The colors here are neutral unless there are rugs or an accent wall/furniture item involved, which is why a plain wrought iron door can work wonderfully with this type of interior design. Black and white are a classic combination, which Scandinavian homes complement flawlessly. 


Minimalist Homes

How do minimalist homes differ from modern ones? The easiest way to think about this is that modern design came from the development of technology and an emphasis on a mechanical look. Minimalism is about cutting down the unnecessary and keeping only what is needed. That’s why the two can overlap, but they can also look radically different.

While modern homes can look put together with multi-paneled plan iron entry doors, a true minimalistic door would be from the Air Lite Series. These doors are as simple as it gets, with a thin metal border and plain glass forming the body of the doors. The Air Lite doors truly reduce a door to its bare bones, which is the main point of minimalism.

Start shopping for your remodel today and get our gorgeous handmade wrought iron doors or steel windows and doors for your home. We have every kind of door you could need, from single iron doors to steel French doors, iron patio doors, and more. We can even create a custom iron door based on your vision!


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