Find Intricate Wrought Iron Entry Doors in Lowell, MA

Known as the Spindle City in Massachusetts, Lowell was one of the country's first planned textile manufacturing centers. The city's landmarks and museums reflect its importance as one of the biggest industrial cities in the United States.

The Boot Cotton Mills Museum in Mill City reminds one of the early days of the Industrial revolution. From featuring an expansive weave room to holding regular museum exhibits on Lowell's history and child labor, the Boot Cotton Mills Museum gives you a glimpse into the lives of mill girls and immigrant laborers.

Mill No. 5 is an indoor streetscape of historic buildings and storefronts. Tourists can visit various boutiques, cafes, and an indoor farmer's market and even enjoy live local music at the indoor streetscape.

If you want to pay respects to the mill laborers of Lowell, don't forget to visit the Lowell Cemetery. The cemetery offers a refreshing change of atmosphere as it's far off from the city center and features ornamental shrubs and various Victorian-style gardens. The cemetery is a landscape park from the 1840s and is marked by elegant gravestones and monuments.

The Brush Art Gallery, Merrimack Repertory Theatre, the Gates Block, and the Arts League of Lowell feature some of the most stunning artworks from renowned artists of the country.

If you're interested in exploring the dining scene in the city, Lowell won't disappoint you. The town offers delicacies from American cuisine, Greek, Italian, and Mexican cuisines. Restaurants such as Warp and Weft, Cobblestones of Lowell, and Good Thymes are a tourist favorite and bound to leave your palate delighted.

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