Stunning, Well-Crafted Wrought Iron Entry Doors in Salem, MA

Salem: Salem, MA is one of the United States' most famous historic cities. It's not only home to important annual events, landmarks, and today, tourist attractions. It’s also the place where the infamous Salem Witch Trials took place, marking a dark moment in the city’s history. Landmarks related to the witch trials exist even today and offer a somber reminder of its fascinating past.

But today, Salem continues to retain its old-world charm, with incredible architecture, quaint stores and cafes, gorgeous cobbled streets, and steely gray skies that are a welcome sight.

The town is like something out of a history book—but with sprinkles of modern technology, science, and development—but certainly no witchcraft.

Our gorgeous wrought iron and steel doors seem to pay homage to the beauty of this town, channeling a similar vintage-modern fusion in its aesthetic. Many of our designs, including the Air series, are reminiscent of the industrial-era feel the town has, while other more intricate designs complement the general mood of the town.

These wrought iron doors in Salem are almost like portals into the magical, mysterious past the city continues to hold onto, reclaiming and celebrating it in new ways. Our doors have also played with an old concept and renewed it in a unique way, bringing back the trend of metal doors, ornate patterns, and playing with different moods.

There’s so much to see and do around this gorgeous town, and what better way to blend into the stunning sights and visuals than through installing our gorgeous steel doors. If you ask us, we love the idea of a steel gray door, with rainfall finished glass, and intricate patterns down the front, because that’s what comes to mind when we think of this beautiful, historic coastal town.

Salem is also one of the most popular tourist hubs on the East Coast, with thousands of visitors stopping by each year. Some people come for the sights, others for the historical locations and landmarks, and others take tours to learn more. It’s a relaxing coastal town that makes for an incredible getaway spot. So why shouldn’t hotels, motels, and other tourist accommodations channel the same mood? Our wrought iron doors are going to do just that, giving business owners the chance to also customize their entry doors and welcome visitors in the most Salem-esque way.

There may be no iron cauldrons to be found here, but you might just see some of our gorgeous wrought iron doors around town!

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