Finding The Perfect Interior Door Inside the Pinky's Iron Door Catalogue

Creating the perfect interior décor can’t always be easy: if you have a taste and a sixth sense for this stuff, you’re good to go. But if you’re anything like us; you’re going to need all the interior décor magazines you can get.

Shuffling through catalogs, you’ll find yourself battling between the option to paint your walls a drastic color, remove fixtures, and ornaments, replacing old furniture. Each of these options will leave a giant-sized hole in your savings – which isn’t something we’re aiming for.

As homeowners, we want to incorporate an upgrade that is sustainable, cost-effective, and makes everyone’s jaw drop!

One great way to achieve that is by installing some good quality iron and steel doors. These doors are a great addition to any living space. Not only do they take away the dullness that traditional wooden doors create, they also become responsible for bringing a natural, modern, and rustic look to the overall space.

When you try to incorporate steel and iron doors into the interior of your house, most interior designers will call it adding a few industrial elements to create the perfect contrasts. These industrial elements work most effectively with simple, modern-day architecture and décor.

Low-lying furniture, simplistic accessories, and elegant textures combined with iron and steel doors can do the perfect job. Pinky’s Iron Doors is a great catalog to help you find a door that suits your theme, and aura. However, before diving into the catalog, let’s explore why you should be opting for Pinky’s.

Benefits of Pinky’s Iron Doors

Pinky’s Iron Doors is one of the leading iron and steel door and window manufacturers in the United States. For everyone who wants a good-quality door that would complement the overall aesthetic of your house, Pinky’s is the option for you. One of the main reasons why many homeowners depend on us is the advantages we provide you. Here are some common benefits:

  • We have a wide range of collections to choose from.
  • Our doors are durable, sleek, and eye-catching.
  • Iron doors from Pinky’s enhance property value.
  • Our doors can easily be customized.

Now that we know why homeowners are choosing Pinky’s Iron Doors, it’s time to look at some eye-catching designs for your home!

Top Catalogue Options

French Iron Doors

French iron doors are the most basic design offered by Pinky’s Iron Doors. Despite its basic design, it is one of the most loved iron doors by homeowners.

French doors have intricate and sleek designs, paired with large glass panels – make it the perfect choice for a home where you want to create a balance between modern doors and simplistic architecture.

These iron doors are great as entry doors, and even serve as a great closet door!

Dutch Iron Doors

Anyone who’s looked through our catalog, must have drooled over their impeccable Dutch Door designs. Those doors are split in the middle, and can be operated according to need: the design, its elegance, and the overall look make it one of the top choices that you can make.

Dutch iron doors are a great option for kitchen back doors, patios, bedroom doors, or even for home offices.

Steel Pocket Doors

What’s sleek in design, easy to install, and can vanish into the adjacent wall without a worry in the world? A steel pocket door. Our steel door collection is to die for: as a homeowner, you would want one of those bad babies for yourself.

Pocket doors are installed along with a casement that is put in a cavity in the adjacent wall at the time of primary installation. When you slide open the pocket steel door, it deposits into the cavity, making it look like the door never existed.

It’s a genius option for anyone trying to create a room divider between two spaces, occasionally. These are great for the area between a dining room and a living room; between a wardrobe and the room, and as bathroom doors.

Sliding Steel Doors

Another top pick out of our catalog would have to be the steel sliding doors.

Sliding doors have been around for a long time, and continue to serve a great purpose in homes around the world. They are space-saving doors, that can easily run along with a steel casement.

These steel doors are a great addition to any space that doesn’t have the space to support a hinged or pivot door. These bring grandeur to your home office, your patio, your study room, or even in the pantry!

Iron Wine Cellar Doors

Nobody should have to keep their wine collection secret. As a wine enthusiast, all you want to do is brag about the Cabernet Sauvignon – your beloved from the French wine collection. Without giving up on the thought of properly showcasing your precious bottles, get a good quality wine cellar door from Pinky’s and see how it brightens up the whole place!

Whether you choose an iron French door, a sliding door, or more – wine cellar doors can make your place classier.

Accordion Steel Doors

Now that you’re deep-diving into our catalog, how about we turn a page and talk about their brilliant bi-fold steel doors. These steel doors were designed to help you gain a classy patio, with the ability to create extended space if the need arises.

Accordion steel doors can also be used for bedrooms, balconies, basements, and more!

Iron Barn Doors

Pinky’s collection would be incomplete without the honorable mention of the sophisticated yet rugged iron barn door. 

These iron doors are an epitome of the cultural and modern mix within the interior of a house.

Similar to pocket and sliding doors, these iron doors also run along a semi-casement that is put in place at the time of installation. You can customize this door with large glass panels, and bring it to the countryside!

Pinky’s: Your Interior Décor Success Story

Now that we have explored most of Pinky’s Iron Doors collection, it’s time for you to make a purchase. Whether you want to adorn your house with a French entry door or get a pair of sliding doors for convenience – Pinky’s got your back. All you have to do is get in touch with our team, and tell them your requirements, and the type of door you wish to install. Soon enough, you’ll be working on remodeling your home to perfection with their collection!


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