Five Things You Can Do in the Arts District *Right Now*

PINKYS isn’t exactly in the Arts District. We’re really close (about three miles way). We’re, er, adjacent to what is one of the country’s most Instagramable streets. The Arts District is where we like to go to revel in the gustatory delights and artistic walls that have turned an industrial zone—with its iron doors and steel warehouses—into a pleasure center for trend-seekers and foodies. We go there for funky shops like Lot, Stock & Barrel and culinary delights like Wurstküche.

With the pandemic glitching the cultural rhythm of Los Angeles, the Arts District has managed to reprogram itself into a grab-and-go, walkable haven of quick bites, viral walls, outdoor art galleries, shockingly good mac and cheese pizzas, and the kind of localism that has defined the #SupportLocal movement—which we’re firmly behind.

Here are five things we like to do in the Arts District. We’re of the opinion that you—the connoisseur of good taste—may just want to do them too.

  • 5. Pizzanista!

    Location: 2019 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021


    Pizzanista! uses fresh local ingredients to bake what is arguably the best slice of pizza in the Arts District. At Pizzanista! you can get $2 dollar slices of their classic pepperoni pizza on Tuesday (this is preferred destination for skaters and local bands). But available only on Sunday is their masterpiece: the spectacularly decadent Macaroni & Cheese Pizza.

  • 4. Here and Now

    Location: 300 S Santa Fe Ave ste n, Los Angeles, CA 90013


    A former train depot pub with metal doors and greasy fixtures, Here and Now is, well, here and now one of the Arts District’s most stylish and classic-looking cocktail bars (with train-style booths and a popular Christmas pop-up). They’ve also managed to turn the pandemic into inspiration, as they’ve begun to sell themed meal kits—like their Super Bowl Pack and Movie Night Cocktail Pack—including their H&N Happy Meals, which have transformed them into a thirsty “fast food” destination for more…sophisticated palates.

  • 3. The Pie Hole - Hollywood

    Location: 6314 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028


    The Pie Hole opened in 2011 (in the Arts District) and transformed local breakfast into a savory meal—with all kinds of gourmet pies served fresh and warm—with fair trade and organic coffee to go. Their “Cereal Killer” pie is one of the most absurdly flavorful inventions in the history of pies. They deliver this.

  • 2. Angel City Brewery

    Location: 216 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012


    Angel City Brewery is located inside the historic John R. Roebling building, which used to build steel cables and wire rope. So, naturally, Angel City has the feeling of an artistically upgraded welding factory. Its brick-and-steel building glows over the Arts District. With its wrought-iron fixtures and steel doors, it’s one of the city’s industrial beauties. They also host virtual beer festivals and offer beer-to-go options with a craft beer selection that’s cold and wrought with local flavors.

  • 1. Street Art

    Location: Between Little Tokyo and east of the L.A. River

    Think of the Arts District as one of the largest outdoor museums in the world. Across steel garage doors, gates, warehouses, boutique hotels, and brick walls are countless murals that depict everything from Kobe Bryant (RIP) to street murals by Shepard Fairey. Most of the art is unsanctioned and seems to be constantly evolving from graffiti into cultural significant murals, such as “Redemption of Angels” by FIN Dac and Christina Angelina, and La Abuelita—which located on the back wall of the American Hotel. The Arts District is why everyone now walks in L.A.

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