Modern Iron Doors for Minimalists

Finding great quality minimalist doors for your home can be challenging but not impossible. Pinky's Iron Doors brings you a wide range of iron doors near you that are both stylish and functional and can be delivered straight to your home.

Whether you're looking for iron French doors, iron patio doors, or iron front doors, we have multiple types and styles that are designed to meet your minimalist, modern aesthetic. With a key focus on versatility, our industrial designs channel chic and contemporary trends to offer amazing pieces such as these:

A beautiful double arch door

Double arches are the perfect way to make a statement without drawing away from the minimalist and modern look you’re going for. This door, for instance, is wide enough to accommodate double entry while still being stylish enough to look clean, sophisticated, and romantic. The double arches are what add to the understated grandiose; they're unique and wide enough to catch your eye but without unnecessary distractions and details.

The sidelights double flat top

Another double entry door, we can’t get enough of this iron entry door that can be used both internally and for external access. In fact, it's perfect for leading you into the backyard, a deck, or balcony, or even into a living room. The sidelights add additional glass panes to the already wide, double iron door, giving you more space, openness, and lighting so you can enjoy more views.


Dutch door with fixed glass

Another classic option is the Air Dutch door with fixed glass, which makes for the perfect iron exterior door given how much privacy and safety it offers. Thanks to the mostly iron build and the frosted glass, this door can easily protect you from peering eyes while still retaining its stylish appearance. You don't have to settle for one or the other with this door!

Bi-Fold patio or interior door

Our last selection of interior iron doors for sale is this amazing bi-fold door that comes with multiple glass and metal panels. It’s the perfect choice for a patio door, or even room divider, allowing you to enjoy better views, access and make a stunning addition to your home.

If you’re ready to invest in these gorgeous, modern, yet minimalist designs for your home, browse through our iron doors or reach out to us to know more about placing your order.



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