Fun Ways to Bring Cultural Elements to Your Home in New Mexico Using Steel Doors

New Mexico is an extremely diverse state that's home to more than twenty-eight ethnic groups: Italian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Indonesian, German, Swedish, Filipino, French, and African.

While this is just the tip of the iceberg, the three major cultural groups are Spanish, Pueblo, and Anglos. It's always respectful and fun to learn about the cultural elements of the place you're living in.

Here's how you can bring the diversity of New Mexico into your homes using our stunning steel doors:

It's a Wine Country

First things first – New Mexico is a state of wine lovers. People here LOVE spending their time growing grapes and extracting wines. Most families have their vineyard where they spend holidays for family-fun times.


Therefore, a wine cellar with a beautiful steel door is a great way to showcase your prized wine collection. While you may not have your own vineyard, you can always make your private little wine cellar at home using Pinky's Iron Doors.

 Our wine cellar steel doors range from extravagant to elegant, depending on your taste. You can choose one from our collection available on the website or place your own custom wine cellar door order with us.

Historical State

New Mexico has immense historical value. Because of their rich and diverse culture, every ethnic group brings a piece of their own culture that adds to New Mexico. With hundreds of art galleries and over 40 museums in New Mexico, it's only fair to add a little historical touch to your home using French steel doors.

Since French culture is also a major part of New Mexico's culture, incorporate it into your home using French steel doors as the main front door, room divider, or a steel door for your closet. There are many versatile uses of a French steel door that you can never go wrong with!

Love for Nature and Outdoor Activities

New Mexico's citizens love spending ample time outdoors to indulge in multiple activities, such as mountain climbing, trekking, river rafting, mountain biking, etc. However, they also love portraying their love for nature through large patios and outdoor landscapes.

Get the most out of your backyard landscape view with our patio steel doors. Our classic favorites are arch double steel doors and flat top double steel doors. The elegant black steel frame with symmetrical grids and tempered glass will let you take in the stunning outdoor views with an abundant flow of natural light.

Spanish Culture Inspired Doors

Spanish culture is a huge part of New Mexico. It's generally a very rich and extravagant culture and is all about dancing, music, enjoying the sunny days, and living life to its best. Add a touch of Spanish culture to your home with our cutwork steel doors.

Our cutwork steel doors can be custom-made or chosen from our collection online. It can give any home a touch of elegance and royalty due to its majestic appearance. You can either keep it as it is with just the cutwork steel door or add a tempered glass door behind it for some oomph.

With the rich and diverse culture of New Mexico, there are unlimited ways to incorporate cultural elements into your home.

Pinky's Iron Doors can help you accomplish it with our wide variety of iron and steel doors and excellent products. Whether you're looking for a simple upgrade to iron doors or custom-designed steel doors for your interior, we have it all.

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