California’s Minimalist Madness: How to Stay En Vogue with Steel Doors

Sometimes, the beauty lies within staying low-key rather than going all out. Minimalism is not just a trend but a lifestyle choice. The foundation of minimalism lays in using little and fewer things to create one big magnificent picture. Rather than stuffing everything, you choose to surround yourself with the things you use, love and need only. Say goo-bye to excessive hoarding.

While you’ll find both types of homes in California, we will focus on minimalism. Doors can create a huge difference in the appearance of your home.

Here are 5 steel doors ideas for the minimalist in you:

Full Arch Black Steel Doors

If you have been searching for a steel door that’s simple yet elegant, our black steel door collection is for you. It can be custom build as per your specifications or be purchased from our ready-to-install collection.

 Its arch design paired with double doors will make any home look extra luxurious.

Pivot Steel Doors


Make a grand entry with our minimalistic pivot steel doors. You can customize it as per any shape or size, any spec or detail. Due to its pivoting nature, it doesn’t require much space, unlike standard swinging doors.

Moreover, its big glass design will make your space look bigger than it is with an abundant flow of natural daylight to enjoy California sunrises and sunsets.

French Doors

French doors are the forever favorites of our minimalistic lovers. Its steel grid pattern blends seamlessly with the tempered glass to give you a beautiful final product.

Pinky’s Iron Doors Air Collection is designed specifically for contemporary and minimalistic homeowners. The modern French doors are linear with organic and sleek designs to help you stand out.

Visit our complete collection online.

Oversized Steel Slider Doors

Minimalism is about using fewer things, but the size can be your choice. If you love the generous flow of natural daylight from your entry door while giving your California home an edgy and modern look, go for an oversized steel slider door. They are the most efficient when it comes to space as it requires none at all for obvious reasons.

Steel Swing Door


Add extra drama while staying minimalistic with our steel swing door collection. Our personal favorite combination is pairing it with sidelights and transoms for some extra pizzaz. All our steel swing doors is so big and will replace your entire front wall!

While you’re free to choose the following doors from our ready-to-use collection available online, Pinky’s Iron Doors takes pride in creating custom orders too.

Whether you have a definitive plan in your mind or some scattered ideas, our team can bring your vision to reality.

Visit our website for more information.



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