New to Arizona? 5 Ways to Feel Cozier At Home Using Iron and Steel Doors

If you've just arrived in Arizona and haven't paid any attention to the homes yet, it's time you do. While homes in Arizona might seem like typical houses that you find all over the US, you'll find extreme diversity through modern buildings and bungalows in reality. Every home in Arizona is quite different from the other, with only one common: iron and steel doors.

These steel and iron doors can be used to spruce up your living space and make your Arizona home more cozy and attractive:

Room Dividers

If you're missing your chic and modern room dividers from the previous homes, Pinky's Iron Doors can help you install stunning room dividers in your new Arizona home. Our iron French doors can be used as a normal door AND a divider due to their aesthetically appealing look. The design adds an elegant touch to any home with its steel frame and tempered glass panes.

You can have it installed as one piece or create a wall-to-wall partition that can make your room one again by sliding it aside.



Thinking of creating a walk-in closet for your Arizona home? We can help you create an amazing space with our iron doors. Create a walk-in closet using our pocket steel doors if you have a big room in your Arizona home. Our pocket steel doors offer style, functionality, and elegance since it seamlessly slides into a compartment on the adjacent wall, giving you more space!

Organized Pantry

Not everyone understands the love of owning an organized and dedicated section in the kitchen to store your supplies. Apart from having everything limited to one section, it adds a sophisticated touch to the kitchen.

You can choose from our Air 5 Pantry Iron Door Collection that consists of double full-arch iron doors and double flat iron doors. The symmetrical glass windows allow you to take a peek at the organized contents of the pantry without even opening it – Kardashian style!


Affordably customize your home by installing a barn-style iron door to create a separation between the kitchen and living room. You can opt between single or double doors that are super simple to install. All it requires is a door-hanging kit and a beautiful iron door, and Voila! You'll have a stunning separator between your kitchen and living room!

Home Office

If your job requires you to work from home quite often, but the distractions around the house make it impossible, create your home office using our steel and iron doors.

Our iron and steel office doors provide a secure and comfortable area for you to work in peace. Keep an eye on what's going around the house from your desk using our iron French doors, or install one of our barn-style iron doors for your home office.


Pinky's Iron Doors offers a versatile variety of iron and steel doors for the residents of the USA. Whether you wish to install it indoors or outdoors, our iron doors offer multiple uses.

We can custom create iron doors for your closets and home offices or something as simple as an elegant room divider.

Visit our website or contact us for more information about our steel and iron doors.


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