Fun Ways to Modernize Your Patio Entrance

Fun Ways to Modernize Your Patio Entrance

As the days become longer and warmoer, we prefer spending more timSliding Doors Offer Easy Access to the Outdoors

e outside. A patio serves as a place to unwind during the day or host barbecues in the evening. It's no surprise, then, that modern patios follow the multipurpose approach.

With a carefully designed patio, you can make the most of the summer weather and prolong your outdoor entertaining into the cooler months. If you're looking for ways to modernize your backyard or patio, here are some suggestions to get you started:

Go for Multipurpose Furniture

Shop for patio furniture keeping in mind the many uses of your outside space: relaxation, recreation, and hosting company. Choose furniture that serves various purposes. Ottomans can swiftly transform into impromptu serving stations, potting benches double as side-table — the possibilities are endless!

Add a Statement Centerpiece

Create an eye-catching focal point for your modern patio design by establishing a centerpiece. This can be a rustic fireplace, an accent chair, or a careful plant arrangement. A stone fireplace draws attention to the center while emphasizing its height. Along with warmth and a spot to host bonfires, a fireplace enhances the contemporary aesthetic of a patio's design.

Set the Tone with Modern Patio Doors

If you love spending time indoors but still enjoy taking walks outside every now and then, get steel doors to complete your contemporary patio. You want a place with beautiful vistas, soothing lighting, and easy to get into and out of. As an example, you may look at the following options:

Fun Ways to Modernize Your Patio Entrance

Expand Your Patio with Bi-Fold Doors

While bi-fold patio doors look more suited to large areas, you can insert them in smaller spaces to open them up. Wide-open bi-folds make your patio and interior areas look larger. They also make moving around to and from the indoors and outdoors much more convenient.

 These steel doors fold in half and are considerably bigger than typical patio doors when opened. They are an excellent way to expand your outdoor living space. Their combined sliding and folding mechanism make them an elegant and functional choice.

Sliding Doors Offer Easy Access to the Outdoors

Adding wrought iron doors to your home's exterior creates a stunning focal point and a seamless transition to your garden. They glide smoothly along horizontal trails at the head and sill, making them super easy to open. Pinky's Iron doors can also adjust them to open from whichever side you prefer.

Glass-Panels for Sunshine and Stunning Views

Iron doors with large glass panes let you enjoy sunny days to the fullest. The glass panels let in as much sunshine as possible. Using iron patio doors is a great option for contemporary homes since the light changes are subtle.

Explore Pinky's Iron Doors if you want to see more unusual patio door alternatives, personalize a door, or have them delivered to your home for free. You'll find a treasure trove of patio inspiration on our website. We have a choice of stylish sliding iron doors, bi-fold accordion doors, iron double doors, and more.

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