How to Make Your Patio Summer-Friendly Using Steel Doors in Arkansas


Summers are all about spending time with yourself and your loved ones in outdoor spaces. Now that the gloomy lockdown phase is over, it’s time to go out and have some fun. However, one trend that we’re totally stealing from the lockdown era is patio renovations.

Homeowners in Arkansas and many other states actively took on home renovation projects during the lockdown. However, many are still looking for ways to upgrade their properties using modern fixtures and additions.

Patios play an important role in creating a cohesive outdoor space. They’re a spot for chilling out, having summertime parties, and enjoying tea with your favorite people. But to ensure that your outdoor space is comfortable and inviting, there may be some changes and upgrades required. Don’t worry because the experts at Pinky’s Iron Doors have shared their tips about incorporating modern steel doors for patio renovations.

In this detailed blog, you will learn about the most exciting ideas that can help you execute an outdoor space summer renovation plan like a pro!

Replace Old Doors

If your outdoor space still has a wooden door, it’s time to replace it with something sleeker, more modern, and beautiful. Pinky’s Iron Doors manufactures high-quality steel doors, including French steel doors, to help you create the most stunning patio!

Our French steel doors are made with premium quality material and have advanced fixtures and chic glass panels intended to enhance spaciousness and natural light flow. What’s more, French steel doors are known to go well with different types of exterior designs and orientations.

So, whether you have a large outdoor pool space or a compact deck, consider adding a French steel door to it today!

Pick a Bi-Fold Accordion

Want to exude luxuriousness with an underlying minimalist appeal on your patio? Our Bi-fold Accordions are your ultimate choice. This door design brings the interior and exterior appeal together by creating a smooth transitional space between the two.



Our Bi-Fold Accordion door is one-of-a-kind in terms of design, quality, style, and class. Check out the Air 4 - Bi-Fold steel door available on our website, or place a custom order right now!

Beautify Your Balcony Patio with Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are known for their ability to reduce wall concentration. These doors can improve floor openness by making your home interior brighter and more refreshing. Choose a pocket door for your balcony or patio to make the most of your outside view.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we can manufacture a pocket steel door according to your home’s unique requirements. Their off-style functionality and unique design allow more air and light into the space, ultimately proving the perfect choice for summertime patio designs.

You can further improve your pocket steel doors’ look by opting for plain, lightweight curtains and ceramic planters. Check out our pocket steel doors range now!



Install a Sliding Door for Easy Mobility

Do you plan to hold summertime parties in your outdoor space? Don’t forget to choose a steel door that improves mobility and is easy to operate. For example, our steel sliding doors not only take little space, but are also extremely user-friendly.

They come with chic frames and enlarged glass panels that enhance accessibility for you and your party guests. Sliding steel doors are also ideal for homes with kids as they don’t swing open, thereby lowering collision risks.

Make a Few Furnishing Upgrades

Patios and outdoor living areas are irrefutably an everyday hangout space for Arkansans. Here, residents love to host summertime BBQ parties, pool parties, and outdoor birthday events during summers. They also adore the idea of nighttime cocktail parties and sleepovers on warm days.

So why not upgrade your patio to make the most of its potential?


Patio steel doors look best when complemented with the right type of furniture. Once you have picked a door, it’s time to think about furnishing options. These days, the most trending patio furniture designs include low-key, pastel-colored couches and hand-made sustainable chairs and tables.

Choose a Patio Steel Doors with Minimal Lines and Artistic Features

If you really want your patio to stand out, don’t forget the hottest design trend these days. Plain and symmetrical lines are making waves in different home remodeling sectors, making residents choose sleeker additions such as modern steel doors.

A steel exterior door may look simple, but it’s a sheer example of what a perfect, minimalist patio should have. Instead of elaborate frames and glass panels, chic steel patio doors can take your outdoor space’s design to the next level!

Head over to our inspiration page to learn about the most exciting ways of bringing modern design elements and steel doors together. Our experts write about home remodeling trends, iron and steel doors, and a lot more to help you convert your house into a beautiful home.

Head Over to Pinky’s Iron Doors Website for Modern Iron and Steel Doors in Arkansas

Pinky’s Iron Doors is a California-based iron and steel door company that offers custom steel sliding doors, pocket doors, pivot doors, and patio doors that can add an ageless visual appeal to homes in Arkansas.

Whether you live in an apartment or a mansion, Pinky’s Iron Doors can create the best iron and steel doors for your property. Our steel patio doors can perfectly complement ornamental, basic, and mid-century modern home interior designs. You can also check out our wrought iron door collection that fits like a dream to all and any kind of home in Arkansas.

We offer exceptional customer service and quick shipping that makes us one of the best iron and steel door companies in the US. Our range includes, but isn’t limited, to patio doors, French doors, Dutch doors, Bi-Fold Accordion iron doors, and more!

Check out our full range of custom steel doors or contact us for more details now!

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